2011-07-14 19.46.14.jpg  2011-12-11 13.03.19.jpg 2011-12-11 13.03.37.jpg  

I got this from Gmarket seller - wowmall. In fact, this was my first purchase from this seller (gmarket too) before I buy the Skin79 BB creams from him too.

This product is only available in.the mini travel size tubes (8ml). Same product but the label came in 2 colours - Pink or Green.

It's for all skin types and has SPF 37 PA++. Best recommended to set with loose powder / compact powder foundation for combination and oily skin as it finishes with a glowy dewy effect.

The great thing about this is that you only need a small amount for ur whole face.


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2011-12-02 23.59.10.jpg  

This shampoo comes with the O2 Skin Body & Face care package which I bought in Nov-11. I've started using this product 2 weeks ago and I wish to share my thoughts with all of you.

As i've recently rebonded my hair, I thought that this shampoo for normal - dry hair would be good for me. I assumed that it will be more of a moisturizing type of hair wash.

Nope, it wasn't. In fact, I think it's just like any other shampoo and it leaves the hair squeaky clean, I mean it literally. A little too squeaky to my liking. I was expecting it to be conditioning as it's for normal to dry hair.

The fragrance is quite interesting though. No sign of any gingerly scent but more of a light cross-over between fruity and floral. If compared with asience, which to me is heavily perfumed and very moisturizing, this O2 skin shampoo leaves a light and refreshing scent.

2011-12-02 23.59.19.jpg  


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TheFaceShop Blackhead EX Nose Clay Mask   

Product Name: Blackhead EX Nose Clay Mask_Peel-off type
Brand: The Face Shop
Produced in: Korea
Where I bought it: Gmarket
Price: SGD 5.90
Volume: 50gm

How to use:
Apply mask pack onto cleansed face around the nose using fingers / mask brush


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Hi there~

If you have been following me on google+, you might have seen my post on a recent purchase from Watson's. Yes, I'm gonna share with you my thoughts on the Maybelline watershine diamond lipsticks which I bought!!

The 2 lipsticks that I possessed are #304 and #301.
2011-12-03 00.44.29.jpg 2011-12-03 00.44.11.jpg  

Below are some swatches of both lipsticks on my hand and on the lips.
First, is my nude lips:


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Hey folks~

Just wanna share this with all of you:

McDonald's Fish Burger Promo  


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Most recently during lunch I chanced upon the Guardian Pharmacy magazine, Feeling Connected! Vol.3 Oct-Dec 2011 @ $1 only~ heh.. obviously I couldn't resist the temptation and gotten it!


It is very informative but also contains quite alot of adverts.

In addition to the substantial and very useful information on health and beauty, it comes with lots of freebies for giveaway to readers. Not to forget the free samples for trial!

All in all, I would say that for $1 only, this magazine is worth the buy but do take in the info with a pinch of salt. Afterall, the magazine is mainly funded by the adverts (hence the very affordable price) and what is shared might be slightly biased.


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If my memory didn't fail me, an ex-colleague introduced me to Gmarket – shopping Fun and be Colorful
Gmarket! Online shopping 
it is now known as Qoo10 (since May 2012)
Qoo10 Logo 

I created my account since end of 2010 but never really tried to explore the site coz it is always flashing~

So here's my tip for you if you are intending to shop in Qoo10 aka Gmarket: 
Upon entering the website (www.qoo10.com.sg or www.gmarket.com.sg), on the right side of the page there is a button with the word "Stop flash". Click on it and you shall be saved from all those flashing and slow loading of webpage.

Next, you might just wana use the search function right at the top of the page to find what you are looking for. They sell tons of stuff in ranging from fashion & clothing, Beauty & sports, Digital & Mobile to Baby & Food. For me, hahaha... I believe you've guessed it! Yes, indeed >> Beauty and Fashion & Clothing are my favourite sections!

Also, another advice to all my readers, friends, relatives, whoever that is reading this or have been told by me to shop on Qoo10/Gmarket, I always emphasize that you need to compare prices.  They have lots of sales, promotion, discount going on and many times sellers take part and give you very Interesting discount which could save you money! Unless you need it urgent and you think that you don't wanna save money on your shopping, I think that it is worth the time to browse through different sellers profile, check on the items reviews and also seller rating, price comparison before you place your order.


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Last Updated: 25 Nov 2012

I have always been a frequent shopper at Daiso, be it that I buy anything or just window-shopping. Why?
Hahaha, coz they have lotsa things that surprises you!

Currently they have 7 stores in Singapore.

They sell almost everything, from snacks to cosmetics, from household tools to skincare. It's like you name it, you'll find it.
The best part of this? Always $2!


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I have finally remembered.. recalled the use of this blog!!
Or at least I thought I did..

Anyway, now that my interest in Beauty, Cosmetics and Make up have bloomed, I have decided to set up a proper channel to publish my review of products and pictorial captures of all the product swatches which I believe will be a great reference for myself and many others who would love to know more about the item before purchasing it.

Well, I am fully aware that this is a Mandarin blogging site and I think that to set this up fast and efficiently, I shall be posting in English and slowly getting my posts translated into Mandarin.

I hope that I can get some of the posts up by end of this month, November 2011.



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还好,现在有了这么便利的手机app, 我几乎随时随地都能更新entry喽~

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哈哈! 我後來記起了這裡為何會再設一個網誌了.

我竟然可以把它給'遺忘'喔~ 還真有我的呢!

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