Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics Cover.jpg  
It's been soooooo long since I uploaded any video~
Gosh, time really vanish right infront of your eyes!
I am naming this look as the "Sunny Tropics" as the eye makeup is rather warm in my view.

Close up shots:
Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-016.JPG  

Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-044.jpg Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-045.jpg Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-046.jpg Essence Cosmetics Challenge-Sunny Tropics-047.jpg  

Video Tutorial:


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Hello People~~

It's all gonna be Nails and more nails today~Oh wait.. I meant, Artificial Nails / Fake Nails.. not Acrylic nails though.. just those that you glue or paste 'em on!

To answer all questions that you may have, this post shall be organized into 3 parts:
a) Introducing Fake/Artificial Nails (chips/tips)
What are these? Where to get them? How to put them on?

b) Wearing fake/artificial nails
How to maintain them? Dos & Don'ts? They don't fit me well..Trim it!

c) Removing fake/artificial nails
How do I remove them? No-nos to Nails Removal


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Hey people~

Look what I've found! !!


If anyone uses the Shills slimming creams and lotions is thing to buy the roller / massager that might come in a set of the slimming products,  Daiso has a dupe for it!!

I got the red roller in a set of Shills slimming products some years back. I saw this roller being sold online at around NT199 (Taiwan dollars) which is about SGD6 or 7.

At daiso it's only SGD2.00!!!

Quality and built is equivalent to the original and I personally prefer green colour.

Try it!! It does help to keep your hands feeling less tired as u use it to rub n massage slimming products onto your body.



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Daiso Makeup Challenge-Video1-Warm Earthy Eyes-25.png   

Hi Everyone!!

A new video tutorial featuring only Daiso Makeup Products is up!!

The inspiration to film this video came from one of my readers' comment to do a Daiso Makeup Challenge.

Technically, this is not the first attempt at the challenge. I have actually already attempted it via a pictorial instead!

For now, check out the video below to achieve a Warm Earthy Eye makeup:


Products used are listed below, almost in the same sequence which they are used in the video:
1. Daiso Base Foundation - Special (Primer)
2. Daiso EverbiLena Liquid Foundation - 01 Light Ecru


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 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-09  


Finally I am getting a post up on this blog after such a loooooonnnnnng time!


I should be getting a haul and some reviews up over this long weekend that we are having this week.


Now let's get back to business. 

Today's look is inspired by my outfit which is a stylish semi-turtle neck sleeveless knit-top in my favourite shade of Blue.

LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-20 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-19 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-18 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-17 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-16  LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-14 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-12 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-11 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-10 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-08 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-07 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-04 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-03 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-02 LOTD-Smokey Purplish Blue-01  


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Hi there~

We are gonna have a quick look at this popular mascara by Maybelline under the VolumExpress series - The Magnum waterproof mascara

I have done a video review earlier, you might wish to check it out:

The Magnum in a nutshell:
- Waterproof
- Deep and rich black colour mascara
- Thickens and volumize lashes into a doll-like-lashes effect
- Does not get clumpy even when re-applied after initial application has dried


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HolikaHolika-Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner-05 HolikaHolika-Unboxing-07   
Hi Everyone

It's been a really long time since I posted anything up here!! =.=
I have been quite troubled in my personal life dealing with work, part-time studies and relationship... Anyway, this is gonna be a review for a batch of eyeliners which I have been using for quite a while.
That is, the Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner!!

You may wish to check out the video below for my review + live swatch & having it worn:

Alternatively, just continue reading!

I have a total of 6 shades from this range and they are:


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First review post for 2013!
This product has been my go-to mascara for the past 3-4 mths.

I've been loving it so much because.... (video to be added later as I am still editing it!!)

**check out my video review product application showing you how it performs**

If you weren't able to view my review clip above, I have summarised my thoughts of this mascara here:


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Hi there!!

Happy New Year!!

Hope that all of you had a wonderful 2012 and shall definitely gonna have an even better 2013!

To kick start this year for my blog, I've decided to share a mini review for a product from my Favourite outlet >> Daiso.

As the title already indicated, these are my little thoughts about the Daiso Makeup Remover Wipes as shown in Pink packaging.

So let's just get to the point:
- 32 sheets @SGD2.00 only!!!
- 150 × 200cm is not too small and just slightly smaller than the other makeup remover wipes in market. In fact, I like it being this size as it is very travel-friendly, also fits nicely into a typical handbag.

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Hi Everyone~

It's time for mini review!!

I know I know, I've not finish updating my 2012 Taiwan Trip posts... and now I'm diverting to new mini reviews...

But then again, those gonna take some time which I don't have enough during normal days after work and with not so many weekends in a week..

Anyway, let's just give me a little break and get into some makeup fun!

Actually, this post, or this up-coming series of mini reviews for Essence Cosmetics Products which I own is motivated by the "5 Days of Giving" event organized by Essence SG.

Check out the video below for my mini review:


Close-up shots of the makeup worn:

Essence Mini Review Day 1-Full Face-02 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Full Face-06 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Full Face-05 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Lips-01 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Full Face-07 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Eyes-06 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Eyes-04 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Eyes-03 Essence Mini Review Day 1-Eyes-02   


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Vanity Trove Dec 2012-Unboxed  

Hi everyone!

I'm gonna unbox the December Trove box with you!

This is my 2nd box from Vanity Trove and i got it at a discounted rate of SGD20/- (Usual: SGD25/-) via Gmarket.Qoo10 here.

If you have not heard of VanityTrove, checkout my earlier post here to find out more about them.


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Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks Comparison Swatches-03 Maybelline ColorSensational Lipsticks Comparison Swatches-02  

Hi everyone~

Here's a post dedicated to the bunch of Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks which I have!

As the title says... its all about how the colour shows up as a swatch.

For now, I've only managed to do a skin swatch for each colour.

Once lip swatches are ready, I shall update this post again, so stay tuned~

FYI - if you love Maybelline lippies, I have another post featuring the lippies that I have under the Water Shine Diamond Series here.

1) Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick - 635 Very Cherry
This particular lipstick was actually a prize which I've won from CLEO Magazine giveaways~ I remember that in my email notification it was said to be a The Jewels lipstick, but anyway, it's a prize! What more should I say?!
Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick-635VeryCherry-01 Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick-635VeryCherry-02 Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick-635VeryCherry-Swatch-02 Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick-635VeryCherry-Swatch-01    


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Uber love this set of handbag + mini bag + lippie pouch + tissue pouch from my guy!!

Found out that there is a seller on Gmarket/Qoo10 selling NaRaYa bags!!

Check it out here if you wanna get it too~


Happy Shopping~



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Jordana Lippies Comparison  

Managed to prepare another article for my "swatches" series of posts where the focus is to show and share how the products look like when swatched, and you might be able to foresee how it will look like when you apply it.

As I started mini a review series with Mascaras, I have decided to start out these swatches posts with lippies and glosses!

For today, l have 3 lippies from the brand Jordana to share with you:

1) Jordana Lipstick Fiesta


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Hi People!

As promised, I shall be posting up the swatches of my makeup stash before they are used-up or expired.

To make it easier for my readers to access the swatches, I have decided to post up swathes according to Brand and type. This way, if I were to purchase more items from the same brand and product type, it shall be added onto the same post.

Alright, for now I have only got 2 Lipsticks that I own from L.A. Colors and they are:

1) LIP355 Grape Crush
L.A. Colors Lipstick-LIP355 Grape Crush-02 L.A. Colors Lipstick-LIP355 Grape Crush-01 L.A. Colors Lipstick-Grape Crush Swatch-02 L.A. Colors Lipstick-Grape Crush Swatch-01  


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