LOTD-Tropics Pineapple Fizz-16-at SK MRT Station LOTD-Tropics Pineapple Fizz-15-at SK MRT Station  

Hey everyone!

It's a public holiday extending into a long weekend. I bet most of you would have gone on a short trip.

Anyway, i'm having a dinner date! It was raining heavily earlier part of the day and its now hot and warm. Thinking of our tropical country reminds me if refreshing coconut and pineapple drink!
LOTD-Tropics Pineapple Fizz-17-at SK MRT Station LOTD-Tropics Pineapple Fizz-14-at SK MRT Station   
Here are the products used for today's look:



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Hey everyone!!

I'm sure for those who check out my articles and my Social Networking Sites are aware that I am usually hyper when it comes to fleas/sprees and events organized by Smoochiezz!

They are by far the most customer oriented in terms of service, product quality and variety of products offered!

There was once when I got an elf essential lipstick during one of their flea event and I only found out after I reached home that the lipstick was broken inside, they gave me a refund the next day when I went down! Same for my friend's NYX Lipstick which I bought on her behalf. It was looking yucky and melted out after we opened in the office. I am giving them 10/10 for customer service and service recovery!!

So here I wish to share with you their April to July Events which I have taken from their site here:

For more information and to receive all updates of their events, like them on their facebook or follow them on twitter.
You might also wana check them out on Gmarket as some products like OPI, China Glaze, Essie, NYX, MAC, Coastal Scents could be on Sale there! 

Alternatively, visit them at:

Smoochiezz Warehouse


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Office Week LOTD-02Apr12-Pastel Blue4 Office Week LOTD-03Apr12-Brighten8 Office Week LOTD-04Apr12-Wash of Orange7 Office Week LOTD-05Apr12-Pink Pops3  

Hey everyone!
It's the start of a new week and also a start of a new month! Not to forget that it is also the start of a new quarter of the year!

So, to kick off another series of challenge for myself in this quarter of the year, up-coming LOTDs shall be focused on:

a) Using only 1 or maximum 2 colours for my eyes, and throughout this quarter, there should not be repeated eye shadows used

b) Using different lipstick and lipgloss throughout each month without repeating any lipstick and lipgloss during the same month


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Hey people~

So sorry, I didn't realise that I never took shots of my look without my shades... =.=

   Pink & Orange Gold-with shades2 Pink & Orange Gold-with shades3 Pink & Orange Gold-with shades10 Pink & Orange Gold-with shades6 Pink & Orange Gold-with shades9

Look of the Day: 1 Apr 2012

- SNP BB Cream
- elf Studio SPF 45 Suncreen UVA/UVB protection
- elf Studio High Definition Powder
- elf Essential Natural Radiance Blush, Coy

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2012-03-31 Bright Bold Lips62012-03-31 Bright Bold Lips52012-03-31 Bright Bold Lips7 

Hey Everyone!

I am so excited today as this is the first time I am able to get into this Makeup Workshop by Shiseido!

Their workshops are almost always full attendance and hard to get-in as registration will swarm in like crazy.

As I am heading for a makeup workshop, I'm sure they'll get us to remove our makeup before we are allowed to proceed with the hands-on session  for hygiene reasons and to ensure good application of their products (without affecting the actual product performance).

But.. it's gonna be so hard to not put on makeup right? 

Since I'm gonna be dressing-up for the workshop + movie date with my sister in the evening, and sun protection is a must. I decided to only use powder, sun screen + lip colour.

1333170357351 2012-03-31 12.49.16 
Here are the products used:



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SiklyGirl Moisture Max Lipcolour-Orange Crush and Melon Sorbet SilkyGirl Moisture Max & Gloss-on Lipcolour-Plum Smoothie & Cool Pink-1 SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipcolours-Diva & Bliss-2  

Hi everyone!

As part of my efforts to post up good reviews, I meant having something informative and useful that you could refer to before making your purchase, I shall start off with lip swatches of the silky girl lipsticks that I have. 

Subsequently, I will post up more lip swatches of the rest of the lip sticks, lipglosses which I own. If possible, I will post them up under one post for each brand.

This way of photograhing lip swatches was inspired by a makeupalley reviewer: Mimsy.
I was researching for swatches of Jordana's easy lip shine and her swatches is simply the best! Check out her reviews, I highly recommend!

Here's the lip swatches:


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essence-1st-Purchase3 2012-03-16-Watsons Shopping

Hi Everyone!!

I just couldnt contain my excitement over the product satisfaction that I get from using these essence cosmetics items purchased from Takashimaya Watsons.

Check out the video above as I share with you the items that I possessed and my mini review on each items for your reference!

Of course, in-depth review shall be posted up at a later date!

Come back again and Cya around~


Links to essence cosmetics purchase blog entries for product name & pricing:
1) My second purchase: http://fsrain.pixnet.net/blog/post/37105202 


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Maybelline Jelly Glow Blushes2 Maybelline Jelly Glow Blushes1 Maybelline Jelly Glow Blushes3  

Hey People!

Guess what I found today during the Watson's Members' Preview Event?

I saw these Maybelline Jelly Glow Blushes hidden in a small corner of the Maybelline's Wall Display!!

The texture of these are very soft, airy and kinda spongy!!

It makes me feel that these could be the local version of the Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes which are found in US and have been raved by quite a few YouTube Beauty Gurus!

I've done some swatches of these blushes on my arm and pictures are shown below. I feel that these blushes looks vivid in its containers, but applies sheer and buidable. Only the one in 02 Fresh Pink is more pigmented, the rest which I tried seems to be sheer.

Maybelline Jelly Glow Blush Swatches   

Has anyone  tried it? Is it longer lasting than other blushes that you own? Leave a comment and share your experience with me! XD



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2012-03-28-Watsons Shopping  


Yet another sales event with a handful of brands running buy 2 get 1 free and several other having 24+5% discount.

FYI - 24 + 5% off means its 24% off your item, then the nett - 5%. Not an upfront 29%.. So compared to the most recent Passion card member event which has straight 29%, this may not be as attractive. But several items has a much reduced price which is around 40%-70% discount.

Anyway, here's what I've gotten:

1) Meiji ChocoBaby (Large bottle) @ SGD4.90 x 2pcs

2) Playboy Body Spray for Men Buy-1-Get-1-Free (for my bro) @ SGD6.50


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Office Week LOTD-26Mar12-Brightening Beige4 Office Week LOTD-27Mar12-Earthy4 Office Week LOTD-28Mar12-Mild Yellow-Green1 Office Week LOTD-29Mar12-Soft Greenie5 Office Week LOTD-30Mar12-Chrome Violet3    

Yay~ It's the last week of March already.. I hope that thus far I've managed to create different looks each day and the challenge for all up-coming LOTDs is to try my best to not have repeated looks.

Here we go for this week's worth of LOTDs for work:

Look of the Day: 26 Mar 2012 (Mon)
Office Week LOTD-26Mar12-Brightening Beige8 Office Week LOTD-26Mar12-Brightening Beige9  

- Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream SPF25 PA++


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Light Purple Shimmers19 Light Purple Shimmers2 Light Purple Shimmers25  

Honestly.. I remembered to upload the pictures for the LOTD post but forgot to record down the items used..

So for this Fun & Casual look which I have here, I wont be listing down the items used but just with to share with you the shots taken.

I can only remember that the eye shadow used comes from the AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit which I bought from my 2nd Cherry Culture order during 2011 Christmas/Year End season sales.

Leave me a comment/send me a message if you really wana know what I used and I will try my best to recreate this look and list down the products used.

Have a great weekend!

 Light Purple Shimmers20 Light Purple Shimmers12 Light Purple Shimmers2 Light Purple Shimmers28 Light Purple Shimmers27 Light Purple Shimmers26  



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 Office Week LOTD-19Mar12-MildPink7 Office Week LOTD-20Mar12-Fancl Pink Nuance2 Office Week LOTD-21Mar12-AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Blue8 Office Week LOTD-22Mar12-AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Earth Tones10   Office Week LOTD-23Mar12-Gold Lids Deep Purple line5  

This weeks LOTD collection!! XD hahaha.. Anyways, you would have realised for the most of this week I am going low profile on my eyes with more focus on trying out new lip colours.

In fact, I have "activated" the use of my AmuSe Big Fan Makeup kit.. which I think will be used quite often in the coming week to allow myself to have a better assessment before I post up an in-depth review.

If you're keen to find out more about this kit, you may wish to check out a mini-review posted here.


Look of the day: 19 Mar 2012 (Mon)
Office Week LOTD-19Mar12-MildPink3 Office Week LOTD-19Mar12-MildPink5      

- Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream
- L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder, Fair


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 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-8   

Hey People~

A most recent order on 14 March 2012 which I have just received.
Here's how it arrived:
Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-1Arrival Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-2Arrival Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-3Unwrapped Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-4back Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-5front Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-6side 

Un-boxed and actual item looks like this:
 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-10 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-7 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-11 

Below are the item swatches:


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AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Pink set  

I've finally decided to try this kit out for all of the makeup which I'm gonna use on my face.

This is the look created using this kit. It is taken at the end of the day when I'm off-work and the makeup has been applied for around 12 hours or more:
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review1 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review2 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review3 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review4 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review5 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review6 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review7 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review8 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review9  

In this post, I shall be sharing with you my thoughts of this product in terms of its application, colour.pay off and my first impressions on the product quality.

Apart from using the Nature Republic Aqua Sun Cream, all other make up products / shades shown here are part of the Amuse Big Fan Makeup Kit.



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 Cellio Lipgloss-7


Hi Everyone~

I just received my little package from my mailbox and I would like to do a quick sharing + mini review on the items which I bought from Gmarket as listed below:

1) Cellio Essential Lipgloss, C-02 Soft Rose
Cellio Essential Lipgloss-C02 Soft Rose1   

2) Cellio Essential Lipgloss, C-03 Milk Pink
Cellio Essential Lipgloss-C03 Milk Pink2      

3) Julia White Wolsy Essential Lip Gloss, J-5 Soft Red


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