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TheFaceShop-Shimmer Liner Pencil-Black-03 

TheFaceShop-Shimmer Liner Pencil-Black-01 TheFaceShop-Shimmer Liner Pencil-Black-02   

Hey peeps~

Its been a long time since I open this pixnet mobile app to post my mini review..

Juggling work and the other happenings in life sure is a challenge! I salute the other bloggers who are doing a fantastic job with their blogs yet balanced out their life pretty well.

Ok, the item in spotlight today is one of my older makeup items purchased around end of 2009 or early 2010, about to expire soon, but lucky for me, pencils last longer!!


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Maybelline Lash Solution Poster  
I chanced upon the above poster that listed all the mascaras by Maybelline in Singapore!!

It was in the Watsons Store in Hougang Mall that I saw this and I guess it does give you a good summary of the different functions of each of the mascara.

Of which, I've used quite several of them and more or less the reviews for each mascara are already available.

To check out all the mascara reviews, browse through my Product Reviews or Mini Reviews.

Otherwise, below is a 1-2 liner on my thoughts for each of these mascara that I am using or used before.

Maybelline Lash Solutions  

1) Maybelline Volum'Express The Falsies 
FS.﹔ I think that this does not give you the false lash effect UNLESS you have very thick / lots of lashes, then with the coating of this mascara, you'll be able to achieve the falsies effect. Otherwise, I think that it does live up to its claim of giving you 2X more visible lashes.

2) Maybelline Volum'Express The Magnum (Colossol) / Magnum Super Film / The Colossol Diamonds (Limited Edition)


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cherry culture sale

Yes! Your eyes didn't fool you, its SALE TIME @CherryCulture again!

They are now having Summer Sales with 20% off all items upon use of code GRS12 before checkout.

Start shopping now!





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Genting Evangelist » » FREE 3D2N foodie tour + Khalil Fong concert with RWG

Hey people!

Great chance to win a free 3 day 2 night trip to Genting Highlands, Malaysia!


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SilkyGirl-HD Gel Eyeliner Pen-01Intense Black-01  

SilkyGirl-HD Gel Eyeliner Pen-01Intense Black-02  

This particular liner has definitely been put to test by my super teary eyes, and in a hot and humid country like Singapore.

Without further blabblering, let's get into my review notes below:
- Auto Liner Pencil, saves you from having to sharpen it.
- Intense pigmentation, Super Black!
- Soft and apply smoothly on lash lines and waterline without tug & pain
- Waterproof!! (after it dries)
- No smudging on waterlines!


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I was using the essence I LOVE <3 ROCK Gloss Eye Pencil for some time.
So now, I'm confident to share my thoughts and observations with you:

essence-ILoveROCK-GlossEyePencil5-Swatched Eyeliners-Essence Black & AmuSe Gold-Swatch  
- Super soft, applies smoothly without much tugging on the delicate area around the eyes
- Glossy & Wet finish
- Very intensely dark black, great pigmentation!
- Easily smudged if not set to dry or set with eye shadow; Great for a base or to create smokey look
- Not water resistant, gets slightly smudgy before it sets and might darken eye areas at the end of the day for teary eyes


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You'll be swimming in bronzers if you win this Contest!

Hey people!
Check out the contest organized by lisamarie and christelle @Beautycrazedcan via the above link.

Below are the info extracted from the contest post.

Featured Bronzers:
Dior Diorskin Nude Tan


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Cherry Culture is having a 25% discount for all L.A. COLORS items from now till 20 Jun 2012.

It is during such sales event that I pick up items from Cherry Culture to save on my purchases. Try it too! Their website URL can be found on the links listed in my right-menu bar.

我曾光顾并强力推荐的彩妆网购站Cherry Culture正在举行促销。凡购买L.A. COLORS的产品一律享有25%折扣。

我通常都会利用此类促销省下一些邮寄费用。你也不妨试一试。这个购物网站专卖美国国内的一些热门的彩妆品牌及的商品。从开价式至专柜的品牌,有各式的选择供参考。该站网址列于右边的"Online Shopping" 连接处可循。若有任何疑问不妨在文末留言。

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Black & Bright-21 Black & Bright-08  Black & Bright-15        

I asked my guy what colours to wear for our date, he said black. I was like, black? Really? Then he says, umm... Black and bright la~

So heres what I have over the weekend, 'Black' is illustrated with eyeliner colours and mascara. Bright colours represented by soft shimmery yellow + bright grassy green and leafy green.

Here're the products used to create this look:

- elf Essential Tinted Moisturiser SPF15, Ivory
- Fasio Super Stay & Fit Foundation SPF28, #400


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I'm using the elf essential tinted moisturiser today!

Absolutely no makeup! More or less its my naked face.

This is available in Singapore through several sellers in Gmarket/Qoo10, Smoochiezz,La Diamonte, Shopping District and more. In the states, it retails for USD1.00, over here its range from SGD3.00 to 6.00. Anything beyond that range I think its not worth your buying, overpriced already.

This has a more watery consistency, slight creaminess with a light refreshing scent. I'm usually using an amount the size of a 10¢ coin. It spreads easily and absorbs by the skin pretty fast. The colour I use is ivory, but I feel that it does not really show up after application. So, more or less is zero to light coverage. Afterall, it is just a tinted moisturizer.

Okay, my dinner is served, gonna tuck in and stopping here.


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Today's mini review goes to my current fave & in-use BB Cteam!

Prior to this I was using the Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream SPF37 PA+++

A separate review will be up for Absolute total, which I really enjoyed tremendously and will consider repurchasing.

Now, let's talk about this very popular Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB cream:
- Superior and classy packaging


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It's mascara review time again!
Well, more or less I'm targetting to have all the reviews / mini reviews of the currently used mascara up first.

'coz to me, Mascara is vital if I were to choose only 3 products to be used for a day-to-day makeup routine. It glorifies your eyes and enhances its natural beauty! Of coz, if you wanna open up your eyes or bring intensity on it, eyeliners are better and in some cases, with eyeliners drawn, you don't need mascara. About the other 2 products which is vital for daily makeup.. Check out the upcoming post "3 essential items for daily makeup"!

For today, I'm wearing the SilkyGirl Double Intense Mascara in Very Black:

SilkyGirl-Mascara-DoubleIntense-03 SilkyGirl-Mascara-DoubleIntense-04  
- Sturdy and looks good quality packaging. Tube is slim but slightly longer than some mascara


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A first mini review for the glosses that I have!
elf Essential Plumping Lipglaze in Ruby Kiss
I have so many lip gloss that I can use a different lip gloss daily for up to 4 weeks. However, glosses tend to have a shorter shelf life, especially once you started using it. Inevitably, contamination and oxidation will expire your favourite glosses.

Tip: To extend the shelf life of your glosses, you can minimize the contact of your gloss with your lips by getting the product out onto a clean surface, then apply gloss onto the lips using a lip brush or disposable gloss applicator. Always store your glosses in a cool and dry area. Humidity and warmth breeds bateria efficiently.
Al right, let's get to my summed-up points for this lovely gloss I adore:
- Cheap and affordable
- Great quality in terms of retaining lips moisture, keeping lips supple, soften dried lips and mild plumping effect


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Fasio-PointMakeUpRemover-120ml-01 Fasio-PointMakeUpRemover-120ml-02   

Let me share with you one of my favourite makeup removers of all time, The Fasio Point Makeup Remover, for eyes and lips.

Apart from FANCL's Mild Cleansing Oil, this is the next best makeup remover that I love and will highly recommend for all types of makeup, specifically for stubborn eye makeup.

Summary below:
- Cheap and affordable, SGD8.50-9.00 for 120ml
- Sold at selective Watson's stores and BHG
- Mild and no tingly or stingy feeling when gets into eye


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Another Mascara review to kick start this week's blog entries!

Here we go:
Jordana-BestLashExtremeVolumizingMascara-02 Jordana-BestLashExtremeVolumizingMascara-03  
- Purchased from CherryCulture at USD 2.99
- Slim packaging, simple and nothing extraordinary
- Traditional bristles mascara wand with medium sized dense brush
- only available in black and non waterproof
- very water resistant


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This is gonna be a very quick review, post questions if I left out any points of concern! XD

My thoughts:
- Moderately moisturizing
- Slight Stingy if gets into eyes
- Removes non-waterproof lip & eye products well
- Got it from Gmarket/Qoo10 at around SGD5.80
Baviphat-MilkMoistureLip&EyeRemover-01 Baviphat-MilkMoistureLip&EyeRemover-03  


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essence-ILoveEXTREMEVolume-Mascara2 essence-ILoveEXTREMEVolume-Mascara3  
I had a black top and grey jeans skirt for today as its dress-down day for work.

To spice things up, I put on several colours on my eyes and mascara chosen is the essence I LOVE EXTREME Volume mascara.

Again, this mascara was used for awhile but never had time to do that in-depth review...

Let's get straight to the points!
- Sleek glossy casing with baby/bright pink wordings that catches eyes


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NYX Doll Eye Mascara-DE02 Volume Extreme Black-1 NYX Doll Eye Mascara-DE02 Volume Extreme Black-Box2  
Today's spotlight is shinning on this particular mascara which i've used for quite a while and now I'm wondering why it wasn't reviewed thus far! Even photos were already taken some time back!

Okok, no more blabblering, lets get into the points:
- Packaging is sleek, sturdy and streamlined shape but kinda "cheap plastic feel"
- The wand uses traditionsl bristles, medium-sized brush with tappered tip and "mid-drift"
- Formular of the mascara is more towards the creamy to slightly-dry kinda texture
- Only available in Extreme Black Colour
- Has 2 other products in this Doll Eye series that cater for Length and Waterproof
- Application is mess-free, doesnt get clumpy up to 3 or 4 coats


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Summer Funk Makeup-03 Summer Funk Makeup-05  Summer Funk Makeup-07 Summer Funk Makeup-06Summer Funk Makeup-01 Summer Funk Makeup-04  
In a hot hot Sunny Island like Singapore, it is Summer all year round~

I have managed to film this summer-inspired look into a few clips, which I have finally joined together with voice-over narration to help you better understand what I did in the process of apply the makeup.

I apologize for not having it edited properly to have the narration matching the video as I have great difficulties doing so using a meager netbook for such a heavy-duty task of video editing.. I will definitely aim to improve on future productions so please bear  with me for now.

Products used are listed below:

 SAM_0160.JPG CherryCulture-3rd-Jordana-LiquidFoundation-Buff1 Daiso Seductive Cheek & Hi-light No.20-front essence-SunClub-MattBronzingPowder-BrunettesDarkerSkin-02Sunny-Front  

- Daiso Hyaluro Mist
- Skin79 Super+ (Hot Pink) BB Cream SPF 25 PA++


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