Catrice All Round Mascara 1  Catrice All Round Mascara 2  

Hi Everyone!!!

It's been a long time since I done up a review.

For today, it's gonna be a review for a drugstore mascara which I have tried for the last 1-2 weeks and really loving.
We are gonna talk about CATRICE Cosmetics All Round Mascara in Ultra Black.

Before I go on and on, you might be keen to watch the video review and also application on my lower lashes here:

Before I share my thoughts with you, here are some close-up shots of the mascara applied on my lashes. I did only 1 coat of the mascara on both eyes, upper and lower lashes. No curling of lashes prior to application.

Catrice All Round Mascara Close-up 1  Catrice All Round Mascara Close-up 2

Some information on the products below:


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