TheFaceShop Blackhead EX Nose Clay Mask   

Product Name: Blackhead EX Nose Clay Mask_Peel-off type
Brand: The Face Shop
Produced in: Korea
Where I bought it: Gmarket
Price: SGD 5.90
Volume: 50gm

How to use:
Apply mask pack onto cleansed face around the nose using fingers / mask brush

Wait for it to dry then peel it off
SAM_1288.JPG Mine kind of dried up with "pores" formed. There was a review by another buyer who shared that it must be a thick layer applied.. maybe mine was too thin?

Wash your face with water and continue with facial care products

My review:
Its an easy to use and peel-off option is less messy than wash-off type in my opinion.

The mask dries off in a light greyish white colour and you'll feel the skin tighten as it dries off.

The part which I didn't enjoy was when you are peeling it off. It sticks too snugly onto your skin and it kinda hurt alittle when u are peeling it off.

I do notice that my skin seems to be smoother and the pores look less visible after application. As I have only just started using this for less than a month, it is yet conclusive if it does help to shrink your pores. Stubborn black/whiteheads might still need some probbing and squeezing. I think I'll try it out for a longer period and shall provide an update another time.
SAM_1291.JPG SAM_1290.JPG SAM_1292.JPG   

To conclude, there are alternatives which are equally affordable and effective + less painful, I think you might not want to consider getting this product. Otherwise, no harm give it a try.

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