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I got this from Gmarket seller - wowmall. In fact, this was my first purchase from this seller (gmarket too) before I buy the Skin79 BB creams from him too.

This product is only available in.the mini travel size tubes (8ml). Same product but the label came in 2 colours - Pink or Green.

It's for all skin types and has SPF 37 PA++. Best recommended to set with loose powder / compact powder foundation for combination and oily skin as it finishes with a glowy dewy effect.

The great thing about this is that you only need a small amount for ur whole face.

Oil / shine control is moderate as I'm always in air-conditioned environment that always promote shine on my T-zone. Thus far it's able to prevent shine for at least half a day, do I only nid to blot off excess oil during or after lunch

It cost only $1 when I got it during sales, and only 1 light beige shade available; it should be fine for all tones of skin as it blends well into your natural skin tone.

It's a great product in a resonably cheap price. Highly recommended to those who are just started out on using foundation and / or bb creams.

To purchase this, check it out here.

Till the next mini review~

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