On 17 Dec 2011 I went down to tge La Diamonte xmas sales to redeem my voucher items which I bought from deal.com.sg.

My elf purchases using the deal.com voucher

However, It was raining so heavily I only managed to budge out of house & reach there around 4pm.

My voucher entitles me to 2 studio items (of a certain value) & 2 essential items from elf cosmetics. Was a little disappointed that the stock available wasn't much (maybe coz snapped up by early birds?). I still did manage to get some great items:
- elf studio powder brush (flat top)
elf Studio flat top powder brush

- elf studio cream liner in Teal Tease
elf Studio Cream Eyeliner in Teal Tease

- elf plumping lip glaze in Ruby Kiss
elf essential Plumping Lip Glaze in Ruby Kiss

- elf shimmer pencil in Plum Passion
elf essential Shimmer Pencil in Plum Passion

Out of the above I have tried all except the cream liner, and heres the mini review:
- elf studio powder brush (flat top)
¤¤ It's bristles are super soft! Quite densely pack and compared to my fluffy powder brush it picks up powder much better and application is much even

- elf plumping lip glaze in Ruby Kiss
¤¤ I love this! Super minty and high shine finish. I got my sister to try it and I can definitely see her lips getting plumped up! However, she's saying it stings n tingle very much and she doesn't enjoy it.

- elf shimmer pencil in Plum Passion
¤¤ The colour swatched very pretty & dark on the back of my hand, but when I try it on my waterline its not that opaque, but it is very shiny/shimmery and did last for quite some time, but i'll need to give it a few more tries to conclude.

Hope that this is helpful~!

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