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December BellaBox

LOL >> I have liked the page of BellaBox for so long but couldn't figure out what it does.
Basically, it is also a subsciption service at SGD15 per month you get 4-5 items (sample or full size) at your door steps, the only thing different is the brands which they work with.

They carry OCC-Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!! Also, they also sell the products in full size too~ So after trying out you need not worry about WHERE? and HOW? to get the products which you enjoyed and want to buy it at its regular size.

Hence, VanityTrove is not the only one in Singapore doing such a service, BellaBox arrived much earlier as they even had a set-up in Australia!

Where to find them?

Official website: www.bellabox.sg
Social Networks:

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