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Look of the day + mini review:

- Skin79 Absolute Total BB cream
- O2 Skin loose powder, Lilac
2011-12-03 00.00.02.jpg 2011-12-02 23.59.54.jpg  
- O2 Skin Blossoms blush, Fuschia

- Jordana eye primer, nude
SAM_0467.JPG SAM_0461.JPG SAM_0459.JPG  
- IS'MINE Professional makeup/78 detachable palette, blue n silver shadows
2011-12-27 18.28.19.jpg 2011-12-27 18.28.37.jpg  
- NYX Doll Eye mascara, Volume black

- Silky Girl Moisture Max, #03 Plum Smoothie
SilkyGirl Moisture Max Lipstick in Plum Smoothie

I'm gonna share abit about the products which I used for today's look.

1) Skin79 Absolute Total BB cream
- This has a higher SPF of 37, hence will "whiten" the look of you skin more as compared with super pink/gold. It is not as brightening as Diamon Prestige (DP) & has better oil control than DP.

2) O2 Skin My Fair Lady Loose powder, Lilac
- It's got quite fine & smooth texture but I think it oxidises fast on my skin, makes me look "darker" aft half a day

3) O2 Skin Blossoms blush, Fuschia
- Quite good pigmentation, just a bit required to get the bright fuschia pink onto your cheeks, but also oxidise fast.. But stays long enuff, just that when I get oily-faced, tends to rub it off by end of the day

4) Jordana eye primer, nude
- Cheap & good primer, as good as elf's eyelid primer. I like the packaging better than elf's coz its in a "tub" like a lip balm where u can see how much product is left n easy to reach into container.

5) IS'MINE Professional makeup kit/78 detachable palette
-Fr left to right, I used the 1st, 3rd & 5th shadow in the palette as shown in the pic where there's blue. The 5th bluish shadow which I used is quite interesting. It gives off a hint of greenish tone at different angle. I bought this from @TheMimosaGarden via Gmarket. Total of 5 single.palettes like this kept in a big rectangular palette, but detachable for travelling. Has lip colors & blushes too

6) NYX Doll Eye Volume mascara, black
- The formular is good, separates lashes n thickens well to form the doll-like effect. Non-water proof but doesn't smudge. Just that not black enough for me. Holds curl very well, I likey!

7) Silky Girl moisture max, #03 Plum Smoothie
- Glides on very smoothly, and pigmentation is very good! I does keep your lips moisturized for quite some time n last for a reasonable time. Affordable and good product.

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