2011-12-29 00.07.34.jpg 2011-12-29 00.13.31.jpg  

It is so crazy! Several brands participated and many items were going for 20%-30% discount! Ginvera + Bio-essence went on a buy-1-get-1-free!

I went and I did it again.. But I've stock up some items end of last month, so I didn't really get much this round except...

1) Silky Girl Lash Curler Waterproof Film Mascara in Blackest Black @ $9.90 (originally $13.90)
2011-12-29 00.08.54.jpg  

2) Silky Girl Special Promo set @ $9.90 which includes
- Double Intense Mascara in 01 Very Black x 1pc
- Bedazzled Duo Eye Shadow in 02 Rock Star (greyish silver & purple) x 1pc
- Silky Girl duo phase makeup remover, 25ml x 1pc
- Silky Girl compact mirror & comb x 1pc
2011-12-29 00.08.17.jpg  

3) Ginvera Green Tea Whitening & Refining Toner x 2pcs @ $7.80 (1-for-1)
2011-12-29 00.08.39.jpg  

4) Loreal Ultra Volume Collagene Mascara @ $14.90 (originally $24.90)
2011-12-29 00.09.37.jpg 2011-12-29 00.09.56.jpg  

5) Sally Hanson Nail Polish remover @ $4.80 (originally $6)
2011-12-29 00.13.10.jpg 


It was a really good deal and I've decided that I shall only repurchase Ginvera products when it goes on 50% sale! I was a little bit upset when earlier on I bought some items from Ginvera when it goes on 20-30%.. 

Have you gotten anything from Watsons' Member CNY sales? Leave a comment and let me know! XD

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