ISMINE78pcPalette-Purplish Maroon12-outdoors.jpg ISMINE78pcPalette-Purplish Maroon11.jpg  

For this look, I've managed to use all of the eyes, cheeks and lip product from this small palette from IS'MINE Professional Makeup kit. I will refer to it as IS'MINE 78pc palette.
ISMINE78pcPalette-Purplish Maroon & Browns with Coral Blush1.jpg  ISMINE78pcPalette-Purplish Maroon & Browns with Coral Blush2.jpg  

- Skin79 Absolute Total BB cream
- L.A. Color Mineral pressed powder, Fair
- IS'MINE 78pc palette blush (orangey-coral)

- IS'MINE 78pc palette shadows
- Jordana eye primer, Nude
- Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volume mascara, Black

- IS'MINE 78pc palette lip colour (fuschia pink)

ISMINE78pcPalette-Purplish Maroon Colours Used.jpg  
This  time round, apart from just circling the colours/shades that were used, I have labelled them with alphabets for your reference as to the sequence of when the colours were applied, from Eyes > Face > Lips.

ISMINE78pcPalette-Purplish Maroon-closeup1.jpg ISMINE78pcPalette-Purplish Maroon-closed1.jpg  

What are your thoughts? Will you be trying out a similar colour combination?



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