I'm so excited! I saw a blog post from a SG Blogger and came down to the Watson's located at Takashimaya. 

Guess what? I shopped! >.< could n't resist coz its much cheaper than most cosmetics (except Daiso) and they have EVERYTHING you'll need for your makeup routine!!

These are the items I bought:
- essence Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder, Brunettes.Darker Skin #02 Sunny (15g, SGD 7.60)
essence-SunClub-MattBronzingPowder-BrunettesDarkerSkin-02Sunny-Front essence-SunClub-MattBronzingPowder-BrunettesDarkerSkin-02Sunny-back   

- essence I Love Rock Gloss Eye pencil, Ultra Black (1g, SGD 2.80)
 essence-ILoveROCK-GlossEyePencil2 essence-ILoveROCK-GlossEyePencil5-Swatched 

- essence I Love EXTREME Volume Mascara, 01 Black (12ml, SGD 6.00
essence-ILoveEXTREMEVolume-Mascara2 essence-ILoveEXTREMEVolume-Mascara4   

- essence All Eyes On Me Multi-effect Mascara, 03 Deep Purple (8ml, SGD 4.30)
essence-AllEyesOnMe-MultiEffect-Mascara-03DeepPurple2 essence-AllEyesOnMe-MultiEffect-Mascara-03DeepPurple3   

- essence Lipstick, 02 Sparkling Romance (4g, SGD 4.30)
 essence-Lipstick-02SparklingRomance-5 essence-Lipstick-02SparklingRomance-3 essence-Lipstick-02SparklingRomance-2 essence-Lipstick-02SparklingRomance-1  essence-Lipstick-02SparklingRomance-Swatch3 essence-Lipstick-02SparklingRomance-swatch1  

- essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss, 13 Rock On (5ml, SGD 3.90)
essence-XXXL-Shine-Lipgloss-13RockOn-1 essence-XXXL-Shine-Lipgloss-13RockOn-3 essence-XXXL-Shine-Lipgloss-13RockOn-5 essence-XXXL-Shine-Lipgloss-13RockOn-Swatch-6 

Am super excited! Can't wait to get all these applied!

I shall update this post later with the photos of items listed above.

PS: Watson's is currently having many products with 20% discount. Members get additional 10% off!

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