72pc Glitter Palette-Cool Pink Glitz1.jpg  72pc Glitter Palette-Cool Pink Glitz21.jpg

It's the start of another new week! I hope that the last 2 weeks of work-week LOTDs provided you with quite a few references for your Office / work makeup.

The same for this week, I am starting on a new palette and with the name of today's LOTD, you would have realised that this is gonna be a glitzy bling bling week! Yes! Indeed! As I will be using my 72pc Glitter Palette for the whole of this week's office makeup. FYI - I have at least 3 more palettes (including this) + 1 group of quads/trios/duos/singles eyeshadows which I will utilize to complete this Office Week series with!!

As with the past 2 Mondays' posts to start the new week, let me tell you a little more about this palette. I've gotten this from Angelina-Joyce Blogshop (but I think they've closed) around SGD18-23  if not wrong.

It is by far the most fuss-free, highly versatile, value-for-money, all-occasion palette which I will highly recommend to anyone, especially if you enjoy a brightening look for your eyes, likes glitters and shimmers! It's got great colour pay-off, long lasting and for 72 colors, you've got so much to play around with!

Apart from this palette, if anyone who's thinking of just getting ONE palette for all you'll need on eyeshadows + lip colours, get the elf Little Black Beauty Book (USD5.00). 

Look of the Day: 13 Feb 2012 (Monday)

- Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream
- L.A. Color Mineral Pressed Powder, Fair

- Jordana Eye Primer, Nude
- 78 Glitter Palette, Purple Glitz
SAM_0763.JPG SAM_0758.JPG SAM_0756.JPG  
- Essence All Eyes On Me Multi-Effect mascara, Deep Purple (Only 1 coat)
- Essence I Love Rock Gloss Eye Pencil

- Essence lipstick, 02 Sparkling Romance

As you've noticed, I'm using the essence cosmetics products which I've gotten last weekend, so expect to see more coming since I will be testing the durability + quality + wearing experience before I give my reviews.

This look which I had on for today is one of the easiest to do as I used only 1 colour for my eye shadow. Simple, fuss-free and suitable for everyone!

72pc Glitter Palette-Cool Pink Glitz15-Eyes CloseUp.jpg 72pc Glitter Palette-Cool Pink Glitz-4-eyes closed.jpg  

Do you think you'll be trying this? Easy enough or a pictorial/tutorial walk through will be better?
Leave your comments below!



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