Pink Nuance Eyes & Bronzy Cheeks12-StrongDaylight.jpg Pink Nuance Eyes & Bronzy Cheeks7-Daylight.jpg Pink Nuance Eyes & Bronzy Cheeks5-Daylight.jpg   

This was a very simple and easy to achieve look for a busy and fun-filled weekend where I run around to shop, followed by an enjoyable outdoor activity >> Kite-Flying! 

- Skin79 Absolute Total BB Cream
- TheFaceShop Baked Shimmer All-over Illuminator, #02 Pink Nuance "Baked to Light Up"
- elf Healthy Bronzing Powder, Sun kissed 

- Maybelline Unstoppable Auto Eyeliner, Black
- TheFaceShop Baked Shimmer All-over Illuminator, #02 Pink Nuance "Baked to Light up"
TheFaceShop-Baked Shimmer All-over Illuminator-02PinkNuance3.jpg TheFaceShop-Baked Shimmer All-over Illuminator-02PinkNuance2.jpg TheFaceShop-Baked Shimmer All-over Illuminator-02PinkNuance1.jpg   

- Cellio Lipstick, Pink Pearl 


You might be wondering why im using the TFS "blush" for my eyes.. Well, if you look at it carefully, this blush has very interesting sheen and very reflective when the sun light is reflected from different angle. Its simple to use and can be used on eyes n cheeks! 

Pink Nuance Eyes & Bronzy Cheeks-closeup3.jpg  Pink Nuance Eyes & Bronzy Cheeks-closeup2.jpg Pink Nuance Eyes & Bronzy Cheeks8-eyesclosed.jpg  

If you have other shimmery / sparkly blushes which you find too "sparkly/shimmery" for use on the cheeks, try it as an eye shadow, you might love it! Give it a try and let me know how it works out for u. 



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