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Hi everyone!

Hope that you are doing fine and had fun trying out some of the LOTD looks that I've shared.

For today, I'm only using 1 eye shadow colour for this look. It's my go-to style make up too, especially when I don't have much time to do a thorough and sophisticated look.

Look of the day: 18 Feb 2012 (Saturday)

- elf SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection Powder, Sheer
elf SPF45 Sunscreen Powder1.jpg elf SPF45 Sunscreen Powder3.jpg elf SPF45 Sunscreen Powder4.jpg    

- elf essential Natural Radiance Blush, Coy and Bronzed
- elf Blush & Bronzer Quad, Light Pink

Eyes & Brows
- elf Eye Brow Treat & Tame, Dark
- elf Eyelid Primer, Pearl
- O2 Skin Hypnosis Eye Shadow, MC3004 (Colorona Magic Violet)
O2Skin Hypnosis Eye Shadow-Colorona Magic Violet2.jpg O2Skin Hypnosis Eye Shadow-Colorona Magic Violet4.jpg O2Skin Hypnosis Eye Shadow-Colorona Magic Violet7.jpg O2Skin Hypnosis Eye Shadow-Colorona Magic Violet10-Swatched.jpg     

- AmuSe 2IN1 Ultra Fine Eyeliner, PN11 Black & Royal Blue
AmuSe 2IN1 Ultra Fine Eyeliner-Black&RoyalBlue4.jpg AmuSe 2IN1 Ultra Fine Eyeliner-Black&RoyalBlue1.jpg AmuSe 2IN1 Ultra Fine Eyeliner-Black&RoyalBlue-Swatched1.jpg  

- Baviphat Bavi Girls Lollipop Lipgloss, #4 갠디핑그 (Candy Pink)
2011-12-22 21.50.13.jpg 2011-12-22 21.49.31.jpg  

I think I will be able to publish my 1st tutorial over this weekend. Perhaps also do up another pictorial for 1 colour eye shadow series.

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