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I'm using this mascara today and while on the go, I decided that I shall post up a review on this mascara which I received as a gift from my Friend Lena.

Official website: www.holikaholika.co.kr
Singapore Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HolikaHolika.sg

Product Information

Size/dimenions: 11.5cm x 1.7cm (Length x Diameter)

Contents Volume: 9ml 

Code & Colour: 02 Mystique Purple

Price: SGD 14.00-28.00 (in Gmarket)

Where to buy: Gmarket , Sunnanz & others (TBC)

Product Feature(s)  from Gmarket Seller:

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara Waterproof


My thoughts:

First thing that intrigued me was the design of the mascara wand. It has a ball-like structure which is similar to that of L’Oreal Telescopic Explosion mascara. Despite its odd shape, it is quite easy to apply as the ball-shaped pole-end actually helps to reach the outer corner lashes easier than normal mascara wands.
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Packaging is VERY CUTE and lovely. Instructions and product details (in Korean though) are printed inside the cardboard packaging which could be torn open nicely with the pre-dented tear-lines.
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In addition, I find that the structure of the wand allows the lashes to be well coated and creates a doll-eye effect. Depending on how you apply the mascara, you are able to volumize your lashes, lengthen and hold the curl, define and thicken individual lashes / create a doll-eye effect where few lashes are bonded together to fan out into a thicker set of lashes-effect.

The texture/consistency of the mascara is wet, but not too watery that it is hard to apply multiple coats. It is wet enough for easy re-application/multiple coats, and drying time is reasonable, approximately 5-10seconds for thin coat, 20-30seconds for multiple coats to set.

The colour is very interesting. Mystique purple looks like quite a light shade on the wand, however, it dries into a deeper shade of purple under normal lighting. Under strong sunlight from certain angle, the light purple shade can be observed. Therefore, under normal circumstances, you might think that it looks rather black but not intense/very black.

When the mascara dries, it kind of harden the lashes and makes them feel like "sticks" which for some, might not like it as it feels like it might break. Thus far I don't have any lashes breaking on me when I uses this mascara. Being a waterproof mascara, it is doing its job VERY WELL! I have difficulty removing it using normal makeup removers, similar to FASIO's mascaras, I will need to use cleansing oil or stronger removers from Maybelline / FASIO.  

I will strongly recommend this mascara if you want a product that's waterproof, holds up your curl, volumize and lengthens your lashes which also allow easy application of mascara in the hard-to-reach-corners.

IF I have left out anything about the mascara, feel free to post your questions below in the comments box.



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