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I had so much fun doing this look and have used quite a lot of products.

Let me know if you'll be interested to see a pictorial/tutorial for this. :)

Weekend Fun Look of the Day: 03 Mar 2012 (Sat)
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- S&P BB Cream, Natural (no SPF)
- elf Studio SPF 45 Powder with UVA/UVB 
- elf Essential Natural Radiance Blush, Bronzed
- The Face Shop Baked Shimmer All-over Illuminato, 02 Pink Nuance (highlight around eyes & brow bone)
- essence Sun Club For Brunettes.Darker Skin Matte Bronzer (jawline & chin contour)
- elf Studio High Definition Powder, Clear

- Jordana Eye Primer, Nude
- O2 Skin Lime Green Eye shadow
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil, Rocky Mountain (Green)
- elf Studio Cream Eye liner, Teal
- essence I LOVE ROCK Gloss eye pencil, Black (upper waterline)
- AmuSe Eye Liner, Gold (lower lash & water line)
- Maybelline The Colossal Volum'Express Diamants, Black Diamonds
- 72pc Glitter Palette, Gold (lash line)

- Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters, Strawberry Shortcake 

I hope you liked this! What did you have on for this weekend?


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  • 八比愛漂亮 ♥
  • i like the GREEN!
    it reminds me of GIORGIO ARMANI last summer!!!!
    the GREEN on eyelids are wonderful when u close ur eyes
    OMG >///<
  • Awww~~!! So glad you like it!! Thank you~~
    Not sure about Giorgio Armani's shades coz i never own any.. >.<
    The green took me lots of time coz using different product to achieve the slight gradient yet maintain the bright green.

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2012/03/12 21:57 回覆

  • 八比愛漂亮 ♥
  • i remember the image girl was Megan Fox
    u can find the picture on google
    i can feel summer tho Taiwan is cold now LOL
  • REALLY? Wow~ okok, I must try to find it! =)
    Taiwan is still Cold? I thought it is already Spring time?
    Over here we have exited the Monsoon season, there's lesser rain now. But it rained since last night, very cooling morning for today.

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2012/03/14 12:22 回覆