Minimal makeup in a rush
I had very little time to put my clothes on and apply the very minimal stuff b4 I gotta rush out of house (over-napped) to watch a performance.

But then when I caught up with time...
Minimal Makeup in a rush4 Minimal Makeup in a rush3  

Heres what I do (cleansed face):

1) Apply my sun block, Nature Republic Sun Block SPF 35

2) Pat on a powder foundation that has coverage, L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder, Fair

3) Brushed my brows to keep them neat, tight-line upper waterline and 1/3 of lower water/lash line from outer corners of eye, Maybelline Unstoppable Auto Eyeliner, Black

4) Apply bright pink / red lipstick or gloss, SilkyGirl Gloss-on Lip colour, #05 Cool Pink

5) Pop on a pair of tinted shades, for my case, I wore my glasses w/lens that turns deeper tint when exposed to UV.

You are ready to go!

If you have time along the way or when you reach your destination, bring along eyelash curler & Mascara to amp-up your eyes, also, a blush/bronzer if you need done colours on you cheeks or face.

Like this: (taken when Im back home..)
Minimal Makeup in a rush13  Minimal Makeup in a rush9 Minimal Makeup in a rush8 Minimal Makeup in a rush5   

Hope that this mini-guide for make up in a rush helps, have a great Sunday!


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