AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Pink set  

I've finally decided to try this kit out for all of the makeup which I'm gonna use on my face.

This is the look created using this kit. It is taken at the end of the day when I'm off-work and the makeup has been applied for around 12 hours or more:
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review1 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review2 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review3 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review4 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review5 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review6 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review7 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review8 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Review9  

In this post, I shall be sharing with you my thoughts of this product in terms of its application, off and my first impressions on the product quality.

Apart from using the Nature Republic Aqua Sun Cream, all other make up products / shades shown here are part of the Amuse Big Fan Makeup Kit.

- Face Powder, Shade 1 (lightest)
- Blush, Pink Shade (lightest) 
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Face Powder-Lightest AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Pink Blush  

- elf Essential Eyelid Primer
- Eye shadow, light blue & Medium Blue 
- Mascara, Black
- Black eyeliner
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Blue Eye shadows AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-EyeLiner1 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Mascara1  

- Gloss, Nude-dusty rose
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Lipgloss2  


First Impression:

I am honestly awed.
- The face powder feels smooth and fine.
- Blush did show up light initially and was able to build the intensity which I want.
- Eye shadows apply sheer but darker shade can be build upon for higher intensity.
- The mascara works! It's wand is small! Fibers noted!
- The black eyeliner warms up to glide reasonably smooth on the waterlines
- The gloss smells sweet like caramel / candy and similar to the scent of Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks.

My Thoughts:
Now that the make up has lasted on my face for a full working day (nearing 12 hours), I think that this kit did not disappoint me. Infact, Im surprised!

Face powder
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Face Powder-Lightest  

- I applied it with my flat top elf studio brush as the little sponge that comes with the set is just too small, I was in a rush. It goes on soft and sheer and I did not build it up. It didn't last long and shine control was okay-only. I will continue to use this kit for the rest of the week to have a better gauge at it.

AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Pink Blush-Skin swatch2 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Pink Blush-Skin swatch1 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Pink Blush-Finger swatch  

- It lasted throughout the day, al though I had accidentally rubbed it a little. Pigmentation is buildable, applies soft and does not oxidise to another colour, which is something I greatly appreciates. The fine glitters does not really show up on my face when applied.

Eye shadows
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Blue Eye shadows-Skin Swatch1 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Blue Eye shadows-Finger swatch     

- No creasing observed throughout working hours. But now that I've passed the 12hours mark, slight crease spotted. Pigmentation on lids stayed the same from application till end of work but as I recheck it now after 12hours, slight fading of the shade noted.

Mini Mascara
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Mascara3
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Mascara2

- Despite its size, it's done a good job! Holds up my curl even till now. It withstood the watery attacks from my teary left eye. It doesn't really lengthen, slight volumizing, but very defining by thickening lashes a little. Coats well and buildable, but after dried not possible. Overall, Im impressed! I likey! Cute small size good for travel but not sure how long it'll last.

Mini Black Eyeliner Pencil
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-EyeLiner-swatch2 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-EyeLiner-swatch1  
- Its not very soft, but abit hard when first use, need to warm it up by swatching on back of hand. Glides well along waterlines. Lasted more than 8hrs but kind of faded to greyish shade but doesnt smudge. I would say im quite happy with it coz I had other AmuSe eyeliners to compare, this performed better than most other AmuSe liners that I own.

Mini Gloss
AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Lipgloss-swatch2 AmuSe Big Fan Makeup Kit-Lipgloss-swatch1   

- Very pretty pearly shade. Close to nude with a sort of dusty rose-pink. Suitable for all skin tone, and eye makeup. Not sticky, not even tacky. When just applied its got a high shine and does not settle into lines. After settling for awhile like an hour or so, it will get absorbed I think. No longer that shiny, kerps lips at its original state of moisture level, does not hydrate nor improve the situation. No weird taste, which is good. Bad tasting gloss puts me off.

Yay~ Finally my review has come to an end..hahaha, looks nothing like a mini review. However, I'm still keeping this as a mini rebiew coz its my first time using it and has yet tried out all or most of the shades and products.

A proper and even more in-depth review shall be provided later.

Stay tuned and post your questions below, if any.


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