Cellio Lipgloss-7


Hi Everyone~

I just received my little package from my mailbox and I would like to do a quick sharing + mini review on the items which I bought from Gmarket as listed below:

1) Cellio Essential Lipgloss, C-02 Soft Rose
Cellio Essential Lipgloss-C02 Soft Rose1   

2) Cellio Essential Lipgloss, C-03 Milk Pink
Cellio Essential Lipgloss-C03 Milk Pink2      

3) Julia White Wolsy Essential Lip Gloss, J-5 Soft Red
Julia White Wolsy Lipgloss-J05 Soft Red1   

Lastly, I've taken shots of the swatches:
Cellio Lipgloss-Swatch6-closeup Cellio Lipgloss-Swatch1   

Finally, in case you are wondering how the items are packed and sent, check out the shots below:
Cellio Lipgloss-1Arrival Cellio Lipgloss-2Open Cellio Lipgloss-3unboxed Cellio Lipgloss-4      


That's all for now~

Let me know if you have any questions, if not, check back again for an in-depth review will be posted soon!



Click on the Picture below to check out the item listed in Gmarket.

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  • Nana
  • Those color are so pretty!!!!tks for sharing!!!
  • Yea indeed!! I am so tempted to buy more~ >.<

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2012/03/27 00:12 回覆