Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-8   

Hey People~

A most recent order on 14 March 2012 which I have just received.
Here's how it arrived:
Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-1Arrival Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-2Arrival Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-3Unwrapped Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-4back Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-5front Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-6side 

Un-boxed and actual item looks like this:
 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-10 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-7 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss-No.9-11 

Below are the item swatches:
Lioele Blooming Lipgloss No.9-Gmarket-Swatch3 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss No.9-Gmarket-Swatch2 Lioele Blooming Lipgloss No.9-Gmarket-Swatch1  

I got mine from Gmarket at SGD2.00 here:

The seller has actually got their own website at where theres more items on sale.

I have yet tried the lipgloss but if you've watched the mini review clip, you'd have known that I am very much in love with the scent. 

Once's I've gotten it tried and tested I shall post up an in depth review.

Cya again~




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