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Hey Everyone!

I am so excited today as this is the first time I am able to get into this Makeup Workshop by Shiseido!

Their workshops are almost always full attendance and hard to get-in as registration will swarm in like crazy.

As I am heading for a makeup workshop, I'm sure they'll get us to remove our makeup before we are allowed to proceed with the hands-on session  for hygiene reasons and to ensure good application of their products (without affecting the actual product performance).

But.. it's gonna be so hard to not put on makeup right? 

Since I'm gonna be dressing-up for the workshop + movie date with my sister in the evening, and sun protection is a must. I decided to only use powder, sun screen + lip colour.

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Here are the products used:

- Nature Republic Aqua Sun Block Cream SPF 35 PA++
- elf Studio SPF45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection
- elf Studio High Definition Powder

- NOTHING at all~ (except for the above sun protection products)

- SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipcolor, #31 Bliss 

2012-03-31 Outfit of the Day2 2012-03-31 Outfit of the Day1 2012-03-31 Outfit of the Day3  

Outfit wise, I was thinking that I should keep it simple and comfortable, but couldn't help contain the spirits of weekend, so I opted for a Bright Green Top, paired with Jeans Skirt and Cardigan to "slim down" the looks of my fats a little bit... >.< Yea, in the following pictures you can still see how much fat I have.. ah well~~ 

Overall, I still like what I have that day as the Lips were bold and Bright and the top stood out from the usual crowd of just BLACKS and more black~ 

After a quite "sucessful"attempt at capturing my outfit, I think I shall try my best to have more of these as a way to remind myself of my actual size and my aim to gradually slim down in the healthiest way ever. Also, I think this will serve as a suggestion for clothing combination for  those who are about the same size as I am.

Till my next post~~


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