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Hi everyone!

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It's a happening Saturday for me as I went for a free rock n roll concert at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatres - Bridging The Blues concert (14 Apr 2012).
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Performing bands:
1) Dave & The Blues Machine (House Band of The Cazy Elephant)
2) Skunkjive feat. Harmonica Performance by Lead Vocal

I love the live performance by crazy elephant's house band, hence get to know about their outdoor performance the day before.

Anyways, here's the look if the day I had for attending this energy-pumping concert.

Look of the Day: 14 Apr 2012 (Sat)
Funky 3coloured Eyes 4RockNRoll-3 Funky 3coloured Eyes 4RockNRoll-4 Funky 3coloured Eyes 4RockNRoll-6 Funky 3coloured Eyes 4RockNRoll-8  
- Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream (base)
- Jordana Oil-free Liquid Foundation, #10 Buff
- Daiso Smooth Base (primer)
- elf Beauty School Blush & Bronzer Palette, Light Pink Blush & Bronzer

- Jordana Eye Primer, Nude
- Daiso Auto Brow Pencil, Black
- 180pc Eye Shadow Palette, Purple + Yellow Gold + Grass Green
- Jordana Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner, Black
- SilkyGirl High Definition Auto-Eyeliner, Black
- Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Sequins, Sequin Black

- Maybelline WaterShine Diamonds, #304 (pink)

How do you like this look?
Initially I didn't intend for the eyeliner to get so thick and long.. But I made.a blunder and had to cover up.. So... =.=

Anyway, have a great weekend!


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