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Today I'm sending my guy off to the airport as he's leaving for business trip..

Not exactly the kind of day that I'm in a very ecstatic mood for complicated makeup.

This is also the go-to makeup which I'll do if I'm running out of time, or just wish to keep things simple for my usual weekend dates with friends and family.

Honestly, I didn't take down the items used, but basically, to achieve this look, just ensure that the following steps are done:

1) Choose a Bright Pink Shadow which you adore (or any shade of shadows that you want).

2) Use an Eye Primer to ensure that the shadow lasted throughout your day out.

3) Apply a black / dark brown eyeliner (best to be waterproof to last you all day) along your upper lash line and upper waterline. Basically just fill in the gaps between your upper lashes and that the liner should not be too thick. This is applied to give your eyes a "rounder / bigger" effect.

4) Using a brown/purple, basically not an intense black, to line your lower lash line to complete the "frame" of your eyes. This gives you an "alert / wide-eye" look.

5) Apply mascara that gives you volume and length. This is crucial as you are applying only abit of colour on your eye lids, so you want your lashes to standout and have all the focus on your eyes. Wear falsies if you prefer. For simplicity, I'll usually opt for mascara.

6) Fill in your brows + apply blusher if you are naturally slightly paler toned.

7) Go for nudy / glossy lips that sparkles!

With the above, you're done!

Below are more pictures on this look. Recreate it with your favourite colours! I like to call this type of look the go-to / 1-colour look.

Weekend Go-to Simple Look - Pink9 Weekend Go-to Simple Look - Pink3 Weekend Go-to Simple Look - Pink1 Weekend Go-to Simple Look - Pink15 Weekend Go-to Simple Look - Pink14 Weekend Go-to Simple Look - Pink12  


PS: My Outfit Of The Day in the following picture!


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