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Super Simple & Natural-11 Super Simple & Natural-8 Super Simple & Natural-20 Super Simple & Natural-15  

This is the simplest that I've done thus far!!

Created this using as little products as possible but not forgetting to accentuate my natural features and having my skin protected from harmful rays.

Look of the Day: 21 April 2012 (Sat)

- Fasio Super Fit & Stay Liquid Foundation SPF 28 PA++ +
- elf Studio High Definition Powder
- elf Studio Mattifying Transluscent Powder (for T-Zone Shine control)

- AmuSe The Magic Volume Waterproof Mascara, Black (from cherryculture)

- Jordana EasyShine Glossy Lipcolor, Mango Delight

Photo-spaming below:

Super Simple & Natural-1 Super Simple & Natural-3 Super Simple & Natural-4 Super Simple & Natural-7 Super Simple & Natural-12 Super Simple & Natural-14 Super Simple & Natural-16 Super Simple & Natural-18 Super Simple & Natural-19 Super Simple & Natural-22  

The photos where I'm in green was taken when I was out on the following day (Sunday, 22 Apr 2012) but I didn't capture the products used.

From the looks of it I'm sure you're able to tell that its also pretty minimal.

Cya again~


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