It's mascara review time again!
Well, more or less I'm targetting to have all the reviews / mini reviews of the currently used mascara up first.

'coz to me, Mascara is vital if I were to choose only 3 products to be used for a day-to-day makeup routine. It glorifies your eyes and enhances its natural beauty! Of coz, if you wanna open up your eyes or bring intensity on it, eyeliners are better and in some cases, with eyeliners drawn, you don't need mascara. About the other 2 products which is vital for daily makeup.. Check out the upcoming post "3 essential items for daily makeup"!

For today, I'm wearing the SilkyGirl Double Intense Mascara in Very Black:

SilkyGirl-Mascara-DoubleIntense-03 SilkyGirl-Mascara-DoubleIntense-04  
- Sturdy and looks good quality packaging. Tube is slim but slightly longer than some mascara
- only available in Very Black
- Has a plastic/rubber wand, with unique bristles which divides the wand into 2 distinct segment
- the shorter bristles applies more mascara onto lashes, darkens and thickens lashes, does not seperate/define much
- the longer and slightly spreaded out bristles helps to even out the mascara applied, lengthens and separate lashes for defined and doll-eye look with fanned out lashes
- consistency of mascara is very wet, takes longer time to dry after application (min.30-40s)
- NOT waterproof despite what it claims (esp. For my teary eyes)
- Water resistant level is average and not as good as Maybelline, Jordana, NYX and essence mascaras that i've already reviewed)
- Available in Watsons, Guardian and many beauty outlets and some department stores
- Cost less than SGD16 depends on where you get it

Personally, I will not buy it again, but if you are looking for an intense black mascara that defines, lengthens, darkens and thickens your lashes, this might be a mascara for you. You'll just need to manage the consistency of the mascara formular which just happens to be not my liking.

That's all for now, cya again in my next review~


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