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SilkyGirl-HD Gel Eyeliner Pen-01Intense Black-02  

This particular liner has definitely been put to test by my super teary eyes, and in a hot and humid country like Singapore.

Without further blabblering, let's get into my review notes below:
- Auto Liner Pencil, saves you from having to sharpen it.
- Intense pigmentation, Super Black!
- Soft and apply smoothly on lash lines and waterline without tug & pain
- Waterproof!! (after it dries)
- No smudging on waterlines!
- Last you throughout the day until you remove it
- Easily removed with oil base removers or any waterproof makeup removers
- Cost SGD___ (to be updated at later date, need to check the price~)
- Available at Watsons, Guardian and department stores, beauty chain outlets with SilkyGirl counters

SilkyGirl-HD Gel Eyeliner Pen-01Intense Black-swatch  

Highly recommended for superb pigmentation, smooth application, waterproof qualities at affordable price!

More reviews coming up, stay tuned!


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