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Hey peeps~

Its been a long time since I open this pixnet mobile app to post my mini review..

Juggling work and the other happenings in life sure is a challenge! I salute the other bloggers who are doing a fantastic job with their blogs yet balanced out their life pretty well.

Ok, the item in spotlight today is one of my older makeup items purchased around end of 2009 or early 2010, about to expire soon, but lucky for me, pencils last longer!!

Its a Black Eyeliner pencil with fine particles of shimmer/glitter from TheFaceShop.

About this product:
- Needs to be sharpen
- Body of liner pencil is made from "plastic/rubbery" material that can be sharpen like other wooden pencils
- Super soft! One if the few liners that I have that's soft enough for use on waterline
- Super black! Very intense! Yet show off fine sparkles/shimmers/glitters!
- Somewhat water resistant
- Smudge-out slightly on water line but never disappear completely
- Longer setting/drying time on lids, about 1 minute

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Highly recommended for its ultra soft-feel and easy-gliding on waterline and lash line. Super dark and intense black. The only downside is that its not waterproof and will smudge slightly as you wear it. It might be discontinued, or repackaged, but I think TheFaceShop eyeliner has great quality that overcomes its minor flaw.

Have a great weekend!


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