Hi People!

As promised, I shall be posting up the swatches of my makeup stash before they are used-up or expired.

To make it easier for my readers to access the swatches, I have decided to post up swathes according to Brand and type. This way, if I were to purchase more items from the same brand and product type, it shall be added onto the same post.

Alright, for now I have only got 2 Lipsticks that I own from L.A. Colors and they are:

1) LIP355 Grape Crush
L.A. Colors Lipstick-LIP355 Grape Crush-02 L.A. Colors Lipstick-LIP355 Grape Crush-01 L.A. Colors Lipstick-Grape Crush Swatch-02 L.A. Colors Lipstick-Grape Crush Swatch-01  

2) LIP370 Breathless Blue
L.A. Colors Lipstick-LIP370 Breathless Blue-03 L.A. Colors Lipstick-LIP370 Breathless Blue-01 L.A. Colors Lipstick-Breathless Blue Swatch-02 L.A. Colors Lipstick-Breathless Blue Swatch-01  

As these are yet tried and tested, do subscribe to my RSS feeds to be updated when I post up a review on these lippies!

Once the reviews are up, I will insert the link of the reviews to this post for your easy access!

Cya around~


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