Received from my dearest ex-boss and friend Peggy Tan: what each animal in the Chinese Zodiac symbolises and represents. Why and how they are arranged in the Zodiac. Recall the legends of the 12 Zodiac (12生肖的传说/故事), it's show how reflecting what ancesters wished upon their decendents: the desired virtues to possess. I think that this should be shared although this ain't beauty related. 虽然以下的内容源自Whatsapp友群互传的内容(属实性无从追究), 也和美容沾不上边, 我觉得这是一篇的内容很具启发性。也应该大肆转发。我指的是十二生肖的含义及祖先们对于自子孙孙们的期许。


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