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I finally couldn't resist the urge and have started using this mascara since the weekend before the last.

Initially I wasn't even intending to get this mascara as I wanted to get it at an even lower price.

Temptation won the better of me, I got it at the Watson's 24th Anniversary member sale, having it at an introductory price of SGD15.90.

So, let me share with you my thoughts and product experience in the following points:
- Bright Yellow Packaging as its Sister The Magnum (The Colossol) in waterproof and The Magnum Superfilm non-waterproof
- Still the same Jumbo Tube for its casing as the Volum'Express series
- Ultra Comb is an interesting Thin & Sleek flat plastic wand which has a flatten and curved applicator with "brush-like grooves on 1 side only
- It is WATERPROOF! Remove with your makeup removers
- Intense Black colour darkens lashes effectively & make them showup; the only colour available
- Mild definition of lashes
- Slight hint of lengthening effect
- Thickens up tiny clusters of lashes instead of making them fluffy like The Magnum/The Colossol
- Creates a Doll-eye look similar to NYX Doll Eye Mascara
- Holds Curl throughout the day
- No smudging or flaking
- Curved Flat Plastic Applicator gives you option in the way you apply mascara, easier to coat all lashes in 1 swipe
- I personally find this one of the best mascara to be used on lower lashes due to its Ultra Comb and waterproof properties
- Does not clump within 3-4 coats of mascara
- Mascara effect reminds me of The Falsies, but not as volumizing
- Generally retails at SGD 19.90 

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I will recommend this to those with full / lots of lashes, smaller and perhaps flatter eyes and those who only need their lashes to be darken but no need for volume or length, wants easy application without clump or staining lids. Personally, despite its interesting brush, for soft fluttery and volumized effect, I prefer the regular Magnum over the Ultra Comb.

Tell me if you wanna know more, see before and after application pics, demos on ways of application!


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