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I had a black top and grey jeans skirt for today as its dress-down day for work.

To spice things up, I put on several colours on my eyes and mascara chosen is the essence I LOVE EXTREME Volume mascara.

Again, this mascara was used for awhile but never had time to do that in-depth review...

Let's get straight to the points!
- Sleek glossy casing with baby/bright pink wordings that catches eyes
- Considered to be packed in a large/thick tube
- Mascara wand has a huge brush with tradition bristles that tappers at the tip of applicator
- Formular of mascara was liquidy when first opened, subsequently it gets creamy
- Only available in Black, very intense colour
- Got it from selected Watsons stores in Singapore at SGD6.00
- I think that It lives up to it's claim to be extremely volumizing
- Darkens, thickens, defines and visible lengthening effect upon application of mascara
- Does end up staining my lids occasionally as its brush is huge, especially when my eyes are slightly more protruding
- Average water resistance, will smudge if eyes get teary and you accidentally rub it
- Does not flake off, does not smudge undereyes, not making lashes stiff
- Holding power of curled lashes is average, try to keep within max 3 coats to not weigh lashes down
- Easy removal with normal makeup remover
- Does get clumpy if more than 3 coats, but do not let dry between each coat. Keep to max 4 coats good enough
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Highly recommended for its price, intensity of colour, volumizing & lengthening effect. Smaller eyes and shorter lashes users gotta go careful with application to prevent staining lids. Watch the video and you'll find that it is last for an amazingly 24 hours!! XD

Hee~ once again, come back for more mini reviews!


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