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Let me share with you one of my favourite makeup removers of all time, The Fasio Point Makeup Remover, for eyes and lips.

Apart from FANCL's Mild Cleansing Oil, this is the next best makeup remover that I love and will highly recommend for all types of makeup, specifically for stubborn eye makeup.

Summary below:
- Cheap and affordable, SGD8.50-9.00 for 120ml
- Sold at selective Watson's stores and BHG
- Mild and no tingly or stingy feeling when gets into eye
- Removes the most stubborn mascara which i've used before i.e. Fasio & Holika Holika
- No fragrance
- Not oily/greasy
- Does not temporarily cloud your vision (some does)
- Watery consistency and not drying to skin

Must buy must have for those that frequently applies eye makeup and/or uses waterproof eye makeup.

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