A first mini review for the glosses that I have!
elf Essential Plumping Lipglaze in Ruby Kiss
I have so many lip gloss that I can use a different lip gloss daily for up to 4 weeks. However, glosses tend to have a shorter shelf life, especially once you started using it. Inevitably, contamination and oxidation will expire your favourite glosses.

Tip: To extend the shelf life of your glosses, you can minimize the contact of your gloss with your lips by getting the product out onto a clean surface, then apply gloss onto the lips using a lip brush or disposable gloss applicator. Always store your glosses in a cool and dry area. Humidity and warmth breeds bateria efficiently.
Al right, let's get to my summed-up points for this lovely gloss I adore:
- Cheap and affordable
- Great quality in terms of retaining lips moisture, keeping lips supple, soften dried lips and mild plumping effect
- Minty gloss (pearly/clear gloss side) that tingles a little with the cooling minty taste & sensation on lips
- Those with sensitive skin might find it stingy (i.e. My sister felt so) and may hurt
- Pigmented gloss which can be worn sheered out too (colour end)
- Tacky/sticky, will leave stains on cutletries (drink/eat)
- stays on lips for min 2-4 hours without having meals in between. Drinking water does not wear it out completely.
- Cost SGD3.99 from La Diamonte, Smoochiezz, Gmarket/Qoo10 Sellers in Singapore; USD1.00 on their website
- Packaging is slightly bulky compared to actual product amount

Highly recommended for those who wants affordable glosses that kerps lips supple with minty refreshing sensation. Those with sensitive skin might not like the minty gloss end.

Be back for more mini reviews coming your way~


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