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Finally I found a chance to do a mini review while transiting.

Today i'm gonna share my thoughts on the SilkyGirl The Lash Curler Waterproof Film Mascara.

My sharing point:
- Simple and plain packaging
- Very unique wand with twisted/spiral rubber bristles
SilkyGirl-Mascara-LashCurler-05 SilkyGirl-Mascara-LashCurler-07
- Only available in black
- Mascara formular is rather wet
- NOT waterproof, smudges.slightly on under eye when eyes gets teary
- Easily remove with facial wash & water
- Does hold curls well but if too many layers applied it loses the curl
- Does not curl lashes if lashes are not pre-curled with lash curlers
- Does not give volume
- Does define lashes very well

Not recommended. Even if you were looking for affordable and cheaper mascara, I think you could just pick up essence cosmetics mascara which is always less than SGD 10.00. (the price ranges from SGD4.50-6.00)

Leave your comments below if you have any questions regarding this mascara.


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