I'm so excited about this find that I can't wait to share with all of you!!

I've long been eye-ing for such a camera with dual LCD screen, especially since some months ago, another model under Samsung was having sales in Gmarket (back then new brand name Qoo10 was yet born). Then most recently one of my colleagues brough along her camera which has that same front LCD on her Samsung camera and I really couldn't get my eyes off it.. "why?" you might ask.. coz it was such a cute yet "bling and sleek" camera with soft rounded edges instead of the standard squarish shells of most camera (including the other model which I saw on Gmarket before this).

Samsung PL121

My colleague told me that she saw the same model on sales in COURTS at SGD299/- and comes with tons of accessories. Indeed, I saw this yesterday in LOT1 COURTS selling at SGD299/- but it was an older version >> PL120, having Hot Pink, Purple and Black colour options.

Having played the camera and tested its functions out, I was SUPER SUPER tempted to simply buy it on the spot!!! Luckily, my guy was around, and somehow as always with him around I tend to think twice about my purchases. So I decided to put a hold to my purchase decisions.

Today, when I logged into Qoo10|Gmarket to check on my recently posted review on the Skin79 Gold VIP Super+ BB Cream which I sourced for my sister, and sort of couldn't resist the urge to research for a better price for the Samsung dual LCD screen camera.

That's when I came upon the one above! It's selling at SGD189/- only!!! Inclusive of Delivery with Tracking options!! (not all accessories as compared to what COURTS offer though) 

Samsung P121 Specs    

So... YES! Indeed, you've guessed it!! 
I got it with SGD10 discount coupon (exchanged using the Qstamps which I've gotten for posting up product reviews on Qoo10|Gmarket)!!
GREAT SAVINGS naaaaaa~~!!!! =D

Once it's received I'm sure gonna be having loads of fun using it for my LOTDs, Purchases, Product Review Shots and of course, more Makeup Application Demos and perhaps could do more videos of many sorts!

Shall keep all of you updated once it arrive!

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As always, I strongly recommend for all of you to check-out Qoo10|Gmarket if you wish to purchase things online, this is by far an all-purpose site that sells almost everything you'll need from makeup, healthcare, baby care, clothes and even Gadgets!

Happy Shopping~!!



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