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I'm finally back onto blogging on the go with my pixnet mobile app!

This post is long due as the corresponding DIY manicures were done long ago and even the YouTube videos were uploaded much earlier than this.

Ok, lets stop my rambling and get our focus back onto my self-done nail ideas inspired by our fellow Tubers!

The most recently done is actually a Pink-Themed Nails!!

Check out the video to view the actual products used.

Products mentioned:
- Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment in Hardening
- THEFACESHOP Lovely Me:ex Nails, 02 Base Coat
- essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops
- Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
- THEFACESHOP Nail Color-PP402 (Light Pearly Pink)
- AREZIA Nail Color #881-754
- sasatinnie mini #SPF204
- Beauty Credit lovely art nail, VL17 Magic Violet (Glittery Pink)
- FANCL Nail Polish A02 (Glittery Nudy Beige)
- AREZIA Nail Color #881-743 (Pink/Red Glitter Polish)
- AREZIA Nail Color #881-679 (Pinkish Beige Pearl)
- L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Nail Polish, GNL453 453 (Red Glitter Polish)
- Sally Hansen NAIL PRISMS in Ruby Diamond
- THEFACESHOP Lovely Me:ex Nails, PK105 (Hot Pink)
- AREZIA Nail Color #881-666 (Coral Pink)
- essence Colour & Go quick drying nail polish, 05 Sweet As Candy


The the 1st one which I've done up and never released to public after much later (need to gather some courage to have it released >.<) is more of bright Orangy Nails for the hands and HOT PINK nails for the feet.

Check out the video to find out more:

Products used are mainly from THEFACESHOP Lovely Me:ex Series >> Bright Orange & HOT Pink!
Glitters are from L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Nail Polish. Details of polishes (i.e. code and name) shall be updated later~




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