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Hi people!!

I am so overwhelmed and impressed by Daiso makeup and skincare products that I've decided to dedicated a post for the cosmetics items and skincare items respectively!

All other daiso products which I like and highly recommend shall be posted / updated into the earlier blog post here.

Of course, as and when I have new-found items to share, it shall be added into the respective posts. So do come back to my blog / subscribe to my RSS feeds to be updated of my latest picks!

So here we go~

:: Liquid / Cream Foundation ::
- Ever bi Lena Liquid Foundation
Daiso EverbiLena Liquid Foundation-LightEcru-01  

:: Powder Foundation ::
- Daiso Loose Powder (loved by my sister)
- Daiso WL Foundation, Rose Beige
Daiso WL Foundation-RoseBeige-01 Daiso Matte Loose Powder-front  

:: Blush ::
- 2in1 Cheek & Hi-light
- Ever bi Lena Color Cheek Blush
- Ellefar Multi Cheek Peachy Blush
Daiso Ellefar Multi Cheek A Blush-Beige-01 Daiso EverbiLena Color Cheek P-D Blush-Pink-01 Daiso Seductive Cheek & Hi-light No.20-front  

:: Brow Pencil ::
- Blue Case Auto Brow Pencil
- Duo end Auto Eye Brow pencil, Black & Dark Brown
- Winmax Eye brow pencil
Daiso WINMAX Eyebrow Pencil-DarkBrown-01 Daiso Eye Brow Pencil-Silver wSpoolie-Black-04 Daiso Auto-pencil Brow Liner-Black-01  

:: Eye Shadow Palette ::
- Daiso Diamond Eyeshadow & Brow Palette, Blue & Purple
- Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow Palette, Brown
Daiso Diamond Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette-Purple-05 Daiso Diamond Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette-Blue-05 Daiso Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow Palette-Brown-01  

:: Cream Eye Shadow ::
- Daiso Crystal Cream Eye Color, Pearl & Purple
Daiso Crystal Cream Eye Color-Purple-04 Daiso Crystal Cream Eye Color-White-01  

:: Mascara ::
- Daiso High Curling Mascara Natual Lash, Black
- Daiso Bling Mascara, Black
- Ellefar Comb Mascara Volume Black
Daiso High Curling Mascara-Natural Lash-Black-01 Daiso Ellefar Comb Mascara Volume Black-01 Daiso Bling Mascara-Black-01  

:: Lipstick / Lip Balm::
- Daiso Diamond Lipstick Peach
- Daiso Lip Cream F Mint / Treatment Lipstick, Mint
Daiso Diamond Lipstick-E-Peach-04 Daiso Lip Cream F Mint-Treatment Lipstick-01   

:: Lipgloss ::
- Daiso LIPGLOSS #2 (Squeezy tube with brush), Pink
- Daiso DC/DO Lip Gloss, Pink n Coral
- Daiso Rouge Gel, Beige
Daiso Rouge Gel-Beige-01 Daiso DO Lip Gloss-62 OrangeRed Glitz-01 Daiso DC Lip Gloss-64 Pink-01 Daiso LIPGLOSS-2-Pink-01  

:: Falsies ::
Daiso Fake Eyelash Volume Type B and Volume Long Type D-2 Daiso Fake Eyelash Volume Type B and Volume Long Type D-1 Daiso High Grade Silver Line Fake Lashes Daiso False Eyelaseh - Enhance Iris of Eyes  

:: Makeup Tools ::
- Lash Curler with Refill
- Brow shaver
Daiso Eyelash Curler wRefill-04  

Thats all for now, the list shall be expanded as more treasures are uncovered.

Cya again in the next post dedicated to my highly recommended Daiso Skincare!


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  • kiyomi
  • pls do a daiso makeup challenge vid
  • Had done it!! Preparing to have it blogged~ XD
    Also.. gonna record another challenge makeup on video! Stay tuned

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2013/08/13 00:42 回覆

  • Coco
  • My skin are dry skin,which foundation that you think it's suitable for me?
  • Hi Coco!!

    I am not too sure what to recommend from Daiso that's gonna be good for Dry skin. I do however suggest that if you are not sensitive or allergic to any substances generally found in makeup, you can consider the cream / liquid foundation from Daiso. If you could, I recommend that you try getting Essence Cosmetics liquid/cream foundation or BB cream. Essence products are relatively cheaper and affordable, available in several watsons outlet.

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2014/04/01 19:55 回覆


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