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Time for another quick review of an old trusty eyeliner that i've owned for sometime and I should be throwing it away soon.. But never end up doing so as the liner always seems to be still usable after getting sharpened.

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So here it is! My thoughts on the Bourjois Glitter Eye liner pencil in Blue:
- Soft & smooth, glides on the lids easily without much tugging
- Good pigmentation, glitters are visible after drawing eye lines
- Long lasting & smudge resistance
- Traditional pencil, needs sharpening
Bourjois-Glitter Eyeliner Pencil-Blue-03-swatch

Highly recommended for its colour payoff and easy-glide application that won't hurt your lashes.

As this was purchased at least 2-3yrs back, it might have been discontinued / replaced by new range. Nonetheless, its qualities are so good that I've purchased 2 new liners from them during one of the recent Watsons sales.

Look out for more mini reviews coming your way!


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