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Up till now I'm somehow still feeling a little bit of amazement and kinda unbelievable about the fact that makeup and even skincare could be really cheap yet remains Good (some were Awesome!) in terms of quality & performance!!

Despite being in the state of bewilderment, i'm gonna share with you the skincare products by Daiso that I highly recommend & for just SGD2.00, you could give it a shot!

... and here we go~

Firstly, we gotta cleanse!
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I have used several Daiso facial cleansing foam, but of those that I've tried before, I will recommend this as it does not clean your face till too squeaky clean. 

Daiso Toners:
Daiso Coenzyme Q10 Moisture Lotion-01 Daiso Rich Q10 Moisture Lotion-01 2011-12-07 10.24.29.jpg 

After applying your toners, you may choose from gel, cream, lotion or serum type products to keep your face hydrated and moisturized!
Daiso Cold Cream-01 Daiso Deep C Moisture Gel-Collagen-01 2011-12-07 10.25.44.jpg 2011-12-07 10.26.42.jpg 

In addition to these standard steps of a skin care routine i.e. Cleanse, Tone & Hydrate/Moisturize, you could consider using these other products occasionally or regularly:

- Add this step before you apply your moisturizer/serum
Daiso Pure Moisture Mask Sheet 3pcs-Pomegranate-01 Daiso Pure Moisture Mask Sheet 3pcs-Honey-01 Daiso Pure Moisture Mask Sheet 3pcs-Pearl-01 Daiso BB Face Mask wHyaluronic Acid-2pcs-02 Daiso Yogurt Pack-Pomegranate-01 Daiso Yogurt Pack-Royal Jelly-01 Daiso Yogurt Pack-Vitamin-01  

Facial Mist 
- These products could be used to hydrate your skin similar to how a toner works, before applying your serum or moisturizer
- It could also be used before you apply makeup i.e. BB Cream or foundation, to keep your skin hydrated/moisturized and easier adhesion of makeup products onto your skin
Daiso Hyaluro Mist-02 

That's all that I have for you now, as the products available in Daiso expands, I shall be updating this post when that happens! Of coz, I will be trying these out before sharing with you the products that I think is really good for you to try!

If you are interested in the Daiso makeup products that I highly recommend, check it out here!

Keen to know what other stuff that I get from Daiso and have been enjoying the use of them very much? Find out here!! 

Leave a comment if you have any questions about these products and I shall get back to you as soon as I can.

Cya around~


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