Finally, I'm able to get my hands onto this post! Although I have got quite a good amount of makeup, but if I'm being restricted to only get 3 items and to use it on a daily basis yet able to bring out something different for every look, here's what i'll choose. I will break it into 3 groups of products that I will most probably get depending on my needs (trying to put myself into shoes of my readers who might have different needs from me)

{Combo 1}
This first combination of 3 different products is for those who wish to have people's attention on their eyes, have something beneficial for their skin, has flawless skin or don't care about flaws being seen (that's me!) and has naturally pigmented lips.
a. BB cream
b. Mascara
c. Eye Shadow Quad / Mini Palette

Here are some of the products that I will pair up for this combo:
SAM_0229.JPG SAM_0155.JPG SAM_0154.JPG  

essence-ILoveEXTREMEVolume-Mascara4 HolikaHolika Magic Pole Mascara waterproof-Mystique Purple8 Maybelline The Colossal VolumExpress Diamants-DiamondBlack2 NYX Doll Eye Mascara-DE02 Volume Extreme Black-2  

CherryCulture-3rd-AmuSe-FabulousFacePalette-Pop1 SilkyGirl Bedazzled Duo Shadow-02RockStar2 Daiso Diamond Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette-Purple-06 Daiso Diamond Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette-Blue-07 Daiso Ellefar Glitter Eyeshadow Palette-Brown-06   

Check out the video to see the kinda makeup looks that I'll put up with the above products:
to be uploaded later...

{Combo 2}
This set of must-have will be more so for those with naturally beautiful lashes or simply prefers to have a more natural and not too over-done look, yet still need coverage of flaws like blemishes etc, and only abit of colour on their face.
a. Liquid / Cream Foundation / Concealer
b. Eye liner
d. Lip Stick / Lip Stain

Even though I'm usually not going for such minimal and almost "no makeup" look, if I do, these are the products I'll use:
Daiso EverbiLena Liquid Foundation-LightEcru-01 Revlon-Age Defying DNA Advantage Creme Makeup-10 Bare Buff-05 CherryCulture-3rd-Jordana-LiquidFoundation-Buff1 Fasio Super Fit & Stay Liquid Foundation SPF28 PA++1-Front

Bourjois-Glitter Eyeliner Pencil-Blue-02 L.A. Colors Glitter Liners-Iced-Peacock-Electric Pink-1 SilkyGirl-HD Gel Eyeliner Pen-01Intense Black-03 TheFaceShop-Shimmer Liner Pencil-Black-02 CherryCulture-3rd-Jordana-EasyLinersForEyes-PurpleFusion2

SilkyGirl Moisture Max Lipcolour-03 Plum Smoothie-4 Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick-035 Pink Peony-3 SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipcolours-29 Diva-2 SilkyGirl Moisture Rich Lipcolours-31 Bliss-2 SilkyGirl Moisture Max Lipcolour-07 Orange Crush2 SilkyGirl Moisture Max Lipcolour-11 Melon Sorbet2     

As for the kinda looks that I'll achieve with only the above products, watch the video & find out for yourself!

{Combo 3}
This last set of must-have will be for those who wants to squeeze their budget yet still able to have the products to come up with full & proper makeup looks! Which is also very me when I travel and wanna bring less stuff yet able to get more out of the things I bring.
a. Comprehensive Combination Palette
b. Mascara
c. Powder with good coveragce e.g. mineral powder / 2-way cake

As with the above 2 suggestions, I have my picks for this combo too! Here they are:
2011-10-27 01.08.36.jpg CherryCulture-2nd-AmuSe-BigFanMakeupKit-aka-DeluxeBeautyCosmeticsCase-unboxed6 IS'MINE Professional Makeup Kit  

essence-ILoveEXTREMEVolume-Mascara4 HolikaHolika Magic Pole Mascara waterproof-Mystique Purple8 Maybelline The Colossal VolumExpress Diamants-DiamondBlack2

Maybelline-Clear Smooth-Shine Free Pressed Powder-Light-01 Daiso WL Foundation-RoseBeige-01 Daiso Matte Loose Powder-front Clean & Clear-Clear Fairness Compact Powder-Natural-01 CherryCulture-3rd-Jordana-ForeverFlawlessPressedPowder-LightBeige1 CherryCulture-3rd-AmuSe-LoosePowder-Poppy3 CherryCulture-2nd-LA.Colors-MineralPressedPoweder-Fair1    

Last but not least, check out the video below to have a guage of how the products in the combi palettes I recommend fared.
to be uploaded later...

I hope that this is something useful for those who are new to makeup, thinking of what products to buy, have a tight budget or simply dunno where to start.

Let me know which combo will you choose if you are only gonna have / buy 3 products!


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