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If you've heard of, tried it before, seen my review & swatches posts on SilkyGirl's lipsticks previously, you might be interested in these recently released lipsticks!!
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth & MoistureShine LipColour-03   

As I've had gotten quite a few of their previous range lipsticks and just kind of curious of this 2 new range, I've gotten 1 from each range to try them out.

Let's start with some pictures and swatches for:

SILKYGIRL Moisture Smooth LipColour in #13 Light Blossom
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-01 
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-02
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-05

I feel that this lip stick is more opaque, thicker consistency as in more creamy when compared to the MoistureShine lipstick.
The packaging of this lipstick is very slick, smooth and elegantly black without any printing except for a dividing silver strip at the middle. The quality of it reminds me of some branded lipstick in the market. Also to note that this packaging makes the Moisture Smooth lippies slightly bulkier than the older range of lipsticks (i.e. Moisture Max, MoistureRich & Gloss-on Lipcolor) 

Here are the swatches of SILKYGIRL Moisture Smooth Lip Colour in #13 Light Blossom:
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-Swatch-07 SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-Swatch-05 SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-Swatch-02 Lower Lip Only SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-Swatch-04 Full Lips 


Now, let's take a look at SILKYGIRL MoistureShine Lip Colour in #01 Naked Truth
SilkyGirl MoistureShine LipColour-01 Naked Truth-01
SilkyGirl MoistureShine LipColour-01 Naked Truth-08
SilkyGirl MoistureShine LipColour-01 Naked Truth-10

When I removed the packaging and opened this up... I saw the thing that I never liked happening.. the lipstick looked as though it has slipped out of the internal white casing and was nipped and tucked all over... kinda like damaged from inside.

What worries me when I see such thing happening is that this occured possibly due to the "too-soft" texture of the lipstick. When lipsticks are too soft, it might mean that while you are applying it, there's a chance that it will "break under pressure".

The good thing that I realised right upon application is, it ISN'T TOO SOFT!! *phew~*

Alright, let's look at some of the swatches that I've taked:
SilkyGirl MoistureShine LipColour-01 Naked Truth-Swatch-04 SilkyGirl MoistureShine LipColour-01 Naked Truth-Swatch-01 SilkyGirl MoistureShine LipColour-01 Naked Truth-Swatch-07 Lower Lip Only   SilkyGirl MoistureShine LipColour-01 Naked Truth-Swatch-08 Full Lips     

Ok, before I round off, lets have a look at lip swatches side by side my nude lips (fr left to right: Light Blossom, Nude Lips, Naked Truth):
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth LipColour-13 Light Blossom-Swatch-04 Full Lips My Naked Lips_10Nov2011 SilkyGirl MoistureShine LipColour-01 Naked Truth-Swatch-08 Full Lips 

Also the hand swatches side by side:
SilkyGirl Moisture Smooth & MoistureShine LipColour-Swatch-05 

The difference between the 2 recently released are:
1) Packaging are black and glossy but one has pink floral prints (MoistureShine), 1 is fully black with silver mid-ring (Moisture Smooth)
2) Moisture Smooth is more intense in terms of Pigmentation and opaqueness, MoistureShine is slightly more sheer. Both colours does build-up with more layers applied.
3) Moisture Smooth is creamier, thicker in texture, whereas, MoistureShine has a lighter texture, feels more glossy and "watery" almost resembling the feeling of a gloss.

In addition to the above, both are fragrance-free, has almost no flavor in terms of taste.
Both apply smoothly and easily onto lips and leaves behind a shiny/glossy finish.

I bought both of these at SGD7.90 each at Watsons, and honestly among the drugstore cosmetics available (with exception of Essence Cosmetics and Daiso makeup products), these are the cheapest yet great quality lippies you could get.

I have not worn them for long hours to test out their length of wear and their moisturising properties, hence the above are based on my first impressions of these products.

However, with prior experience with other lippies from SILKYGIRL, I am confident to recommend that you give it a try!

That's all I have for you now, check back later for more updates, swatches or new product release mini reviews, first impressions on SILKYGIRL products.




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  • Hi,its so pretty,where to buy them?on internet? Im Taiwanese ,it can also buy in Taiwan? Thanks
  • Hi there!
    These are available in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.. not so sure if could be purchased online.. you may wish to contact the distributor here:

    FS.Rain | 芳 於 2013/09/20 00:48 回覆


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