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FS'☆Shöp is opened!!!
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☆芳.夏薾颸▪网购站☆ 开幕啦!! 请浏览一下网页:
Browsing on Carousell is rather convenient for access on your mobile devices as it is available on iOS, Android and Web.
通过<Carousell>这个网购平台浏览商品非常便利, 于安卓和苹果系统都可下载,也能通过以上网页于电脑浏览器观阅。
My dedicated blog will allow ease of browsing on PCs and laptops with direct payment details for Singapore buyers, and PayPal payment links for Overseas buyers.
至于另设的购物站, 主要是能给予海外网购者便利, 通过<PayPal>付款。
If you are interested in buying items reviewed by me which may not be available in your home country (e.g. SILKYGIRL products are only sold in M'sia, Singapore and Indonesia), complete this <request form> and I will get back to you with a quote inclusive of shipping and service charges.
目前在这个美妆部落格和读者的互动中得知有部分读者或许对我所评过的产品有兴趣, 但无法在当地买着。我想了想, 也许我也可以帮你们买呀! 不介意让我賺些代购服务费的请一定要和我联系哦!
Prior to shopping with me, you might wish to check out the FAQs / Shipping & Delivery page for details.
当然, 关于购物须知及运输/邮费相关事宜清点阅此处
I am contactable via the following:
♢ 联我  ID: @KZP9593I or @CPD1467P
♢ 微讯 WeChat ID: FSR-Shop
♢ KakaoTalk ID: FSRainBiz 
♢ OmletChat ID: FS.Rain 
Do subscribe to this blog or follow me on Carousell for updates on Sales/Offers/new items!
The following items are already on sale!!
Thanks for your support!!
非常感谢你们的支持, 记得到我店里光顾哦!!
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