I was using the essence I LOVE <3 ROCK Gloss Eye Pencil for some time.
So now, I'm confident to share my thoughts and observations with you:

essence-ILoveROCK-GlossEyePencil5-Swatched Eyeliners-Essence Black & AmuSe Gold-Swatch  
- Super soft, applies smoothly without much tugging on the delicate area around the eyes
- Glossy & Wet finish
- Very intensely dark black, great pigmentation!
- Easily smudged if not set to dry or set with eye shadow; Great for a base or to create smokey look
- Not water resistant, gets slightly smudgy before it sets and might darken eye areas at the end of the day for teary eyes

If you wish to have super dark eye liner at quite a low price, dont mind its non-water resistant nature, wants a very soft and east to glide eye liner, you can consider this. Otherwise, I recommend the SilkyGirl HD Gel Eye Liner, which can offer what this essence liner does, yet it is waterproof, but at a higher price but within drugstore range.

Come back for more reviews!


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