Hi Everyone! 

Happy New Year!! It's been so long since I updated my blog and I truly hope to do more in this very special space that I have created since years ago.

I have tried on some Daiso skincare and makeup that was released in stores around the last 2 months of 2018.
Daiso NEW Skincare Makeup First Impression-YT video cover.jpg

The actual amount of products that I got was way more than what is shown above and in the video that was shot.


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I wasn't feeling well... Negativity in thoughts, feelings of anxiety washed over me... A change of thought led me to the library: get some materials for my research, seek some peace and quiet time, it might ease the tensions and aggravation.

Passed a shelf and this book caught my eyes, my hand reached for it and brought it with me. After getting the resources that I need, I decided to spend some time reading it.

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Inspired by a recent inquiry for Velma Kelly makeup for D&D, and wanting to be in-sync (colour wise) with this drama character "龙幽" played by 鄭元暢Joseph Cheng in «仙剑云之凡» which was scripted based on a Chinese «仙剑奇侠传» aka Legend of Sword & Fairy / Chinese Paladin. The effects only shows on 1 side of the face, which hinted at the "true colour" of a "non-mortal/幽冥人" whose skin emits greenish silvery tones with blue tints hair, brows & lashes.

其實啊,最近有幾個彩妝服務的詢問。其中的一位想畫個歌舞劇 «Chicago» 里 Velma Kelly 的妝,可惜臨時決定不畫了。
我已經做足了功課本想大顯身手,所以索性自己動手。而且阿,最近看了元暢的«龍幽»,讓我好心動哦!所以這個妝是想像著有點戲劇性象徵的幽冥人,透過"半邊真實身份" 和顯現在"凡間"時的模樣。

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I did a formal makeup today for ID photo using #coastalscents #revealed3 palette for eyes.
Other products used:
- #essencecosmetics Liquid Lipstick 05 Peach Party. 
- #GIVERNY Milkchak Cover Foundation in 02 Yellow Skin 

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I have been with Carousell, Qoo10 and Shopee (plus my BlogShop) for some time but I do find that it's hard to organise Spree via these platforms due to several reasons:

- They are shopping platforms, items put up on sale based on stock count
- They do not offer transactional safety / no payment handling

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Received from my dearest ex-boss and friend Peggy Tan: what each animal in the Chinese Zodiac symbolises and represents. Why and how they are arranged in the Zodiac. Recall the legends of the 12 Zodiac (12生肖的传说/故事), it's show how reflecting what ancesters wished upon their decendents: the desired virtues to possess. I think that this should be shared although this ain't beauty related. 虽然以下的内容源自Whatsapp友群互传的内容(属实性无从追究), 也和美容沾不上边, 我觉得这是一篇的内容很具启发性。也应该大肆转发。我指的是十二生肖的含义及祖先们对于自子孙孙们的期许。


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I came across Althea's site around early March this year.. but haven't really wanted to try shopping with them yet as I didn't really heard much about them from people around me.


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Purchased from: Nice Cosmetics (Seletar Mall branch)
Price: SGD 14.90
Country of Origin: Korea

I was initially drawn in by the cute and colourful packaging. Bullet style shape and curvy body always attracts my attention, topping it off with vibrant colours are just too hard to miss. 

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