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My trip is coming soon! Most of the accommodations booked, just left Taipei which I hope to finalise last weekend but postponed as I wasn't feeling that well... Despite that, as I've just reorganised my makeup & skincare storage area, I couldn't resist trying out the other 2 Jordana mascaras that are yet opened. I managed to wear them for a whole day along with some daiso makeup (another 1st impression post coming up for those Daiso products used!), which allows me to sum up my initial thoughts about these products.

So here's my first impression on
these two mascaras:

Jordana Best Lash Volumizing Mascara, USD 2.99 is:

1) Sleek & simple packaging with nice classy metallic prints.
2) Humongous mascara wand made of traditional bristles.
3) Wet formular mascara, easily stain lids, especially on inner and outer corners.
4) Smudges easily when eyes teary.
5) Does not hold curl nor curl lashes.
6) Does not Volumize my thin/fine and sparse lashes.
7) Does not lengthen my lashes.

Jordana Classic Mascara, USD 1.99:

1) Super simple packaging but glossy and sleek packaging.
2) Traditional bristles on a spoolie-type mascara wand.
3) Rather wet formular but does not smudge/stain lids due to type of mascara wand.
4) Quite good in terms of water resistance when eyes get teary, does not budge or stain my eye areas.
5) Does not curl lashes nor hold curl.
6) Does not Volumize lashes.
7) Does not lengthen lashes.

Overall, for this first-time-using experience, I will suggest for you to consider getting the classic mascara as it does not smudge as easily, smaller wand for smaller eyes/inner & outer corners.

If you can afford a better price, I think there are better mascaras out there in the drug stores/beauty stores, if not, check out the Jordana Best Lash EXTREME Volumizing Mascara, the newest to the range of Jordana mascara which I think is much better than the above two.

Leave a comment if you have any questions on these products.

Cya soon!


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