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If you have been following me on google+, you might have seen my post on a recent purchase from Watson's. Yes, I'm gonna share with you my thoughts on the Maybelline watershine diamond lipsticks which I bought!!

The 2 lipsticks that I possessed are #304 and #301.
2011-12-03 00.44.29.jpg 2011-12-03 00.44.11.jpg  

Below are some swatches of both lipsticks on my hand and on the lips.
First, is my nude lips:

On the hand, under different angle you see different degree of shine
2011-12-03 00.46.55.jpg 2011-12-03 00.46.51.jpg 2011-12-03 00.45.44.jpg 2011-12-03 00.47.02.jpg  SAM_1458.JPG

For the lips, these are #301 under difference angle and lighting
 SAM_1452.JPG SAM_1422.JPG SAM_1412.JPG  SAM_1406.JPG SAM_1404.JPG  

This is #304
 SAM_1464.JPG  SAM_1465.JPG  2011-12-05 16.10.12.jpg

My Reviews:
It is a neutral / natural / nude kinda frosty beige colour lipstick with high shine + "diamonds" (very fine glitters).

It glides on VERY SMOOTHLY and does not get your lips dry, but I don't notice if it does moisturize my lips. I'm glad that at the very least it stays the way it is without drying your lips off. Some lipsticks does dehydrate and stain your lips.

Some shots of the product, how I wore it and under different lightings and angle how it appears on the lips
2011-12-03 00.44.52.jpg SAM_1439.JPG SAM_1434.JPG SAM_1432.JPG SAM_1424.JPG   

It is a natural pink / nudy pink shade which is not too light, with neutral tones. It has the same easy glide-on properties like the above and shares the same kind of shine and "diamonds". My camera kind of contrasted it and it turn up on photos very pink. Under normal lighting it is quite a neutral and natural shade of pink.

Shots of product and how it appears under different lighting and angles on your lips
2011-12-03 00.46.19.jpg  SAM_1473.JPG SAM_1470.JPG 2011-12-05 16.10.06.jpg 2011-12-05 16.09.58.jpg 2011-12-05 16.09.55.jpg 2011-12-05 16.12.08.jpg  

Both lipsticks are very adoring yet very natural on the lips. The packaging is quite classy and bling enough to make me love it VERY much.

I got it at 2 for $19.90 in Watson's, very good deal and for those who prefers lipsticks over gloss, wants shine and bling, do check out the whole range of colours in the local stores that sells Maybelline products. 

Till the next review~

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