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It's gonna be another quick review!

SAM_0237.JPGSAM_0153.JPG2011-12-22 21.50.13.jpg   
This lipgloss (that comes in a stick/balm packaging) is quite impressive for me.

The ones that I have are the #4-pink and #5-grape.
2011-12-22 21.49.31.jpgSAM_0236.JPGSAM_0235.JPGSAM_0238.JPG

Both has a very pleasant light fruity, perhaps white tea taste n fragrance, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

It glosses on with a moist & shiny look, texture wise definitely not sticky. It feels more like a lip balm than a gloss..

Some swatches:

First, me with no-colour on my lips
2011-12-22 13.24.13.jpg  

Next, the swatches on my hand.
This first shot w/o direct light shining down
 2011-12-22 21.56.38.jpg
This shot being under direct lighting.. look at that shine~
2011-12-22 21.55.21.jpg

These are close-up and full face shot of me with #5 - Grape
2011-12-22 20.10.46.jpg 2011-12-22 20.10.38.jpg

Lastly, these with close-up and full face shot of me wearing #4 - Pink
2011-12-22 21.57.36.jpg  2011-12-22 21.57.18.jpg

As you can see, the pigmentation is good, colour on lips is very very close to that in the tube. The grape-colour gloss definitely stayed on much longer..even after eating! Better staining power I believe.

I got it at SGD3.90 from Gmarket. Quite a very reasonable price if you don't like sticky gloss or wax-tasting lipsticks yet wants some colour & moisture for your lips, get this!

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