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Product Name: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Sequins (Limited Edition)

Local Version: Maybelline Lash Stiletto Extreme (Waterproof version with different mascara brush) in Singapore/Asia

Size/dimenions: 12.8cm x 1.8cm (Length x Diameter) 

Contents Volume: 0.22 Oz / 6.5ml 

Code & Colour: #10 Black Sequins

Price: SGD 5.00 + Shipping fees range from min. SGD1.00 - 5.39  (in Gmarket) / SGD18.90 (in local stores)

Where to buy: Gmarket , Watsons' & Guardian Pharmacy (for local version)

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Maybelline Lash Stiletto Sequins


My Thoughts:

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Sequins-back1 Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Sequins-front  

First of all, lets talk about packaging. I find that this mascara really imitates the stiletto heals very well. Specifically for this edition, it has a silver tip a the end with RED catchy body. Looks very elegant and not at all "cheap" looking.

Next, I want to share alittle more about this series as it is termed as Sequins. It does not have actual sequins in the mascara, whereas, you'll be able to spot very very fine sparkly shimmers/glitters in the mascara and as you apply it to your lashes, you'll see these fine and "low-profile"shimmers coated on your lashes. Comparing this with Maybelline The Colossol Diamonds, I feel that the Colossol Diamonds sparkles more than the Sequins.

The consistency of this mascara is more of a liquidy-light-weighted formular where it does not coat my lashes instantly but requires layers/coats to be build-up. The best recommended number of coats is not more than 5 and you need to ensure that the mascara does not dry up completely in between each coat. else you'll be guaranteed with CLUMPS.

I'm not sure of the other types of Stiletto Mascara by Maybelline, but I can tell you a little more about this one which I own. It has a almost elongated-S-shape brush which is also tapered down to a smaller end at the tip of the mascara.

My first attempt at using it was quite tedious as I am trying to ensure that I maximise the design of the mascara, so in order to get the curved side of the brush on my outer corner lashes, i have to flip my right hand over to apply mascara on my left eye. Now, I am able to coat my left-lashes easily with my left hand.. I have trained it quite abit to handle mascara on the left side.

Then my other small little complain is that the mascara does not really make my lashes look Voluptuous. It definitely defines the lashes VERY Well, but not so in terms of making the lashes looking voluminous.

Lastly. being a non-waterproof mascara, it removes easily, especially when you make mistakes on your lids (I often do). However, there is one thing about this mascara that I absolutely abhorred.. that, is the smell/scent of it. In my opinion, it is simply yucky-smelling, so full of chemicals and sometimes while applying.. I feel slightly uneased by the scent.

In a nutshell:

This product is highly recommended if you wish to have:
- Volume + Length
- Ease of removal
- Holds the curl
- Unique fine glitters/shimmers in mascara 
- Affordable + good quality

Let me know if I missed out anything, and check out the video above to  hear me blabbling at it + showing some close-up of the application of the mascara on my eyes.

Also, I have done up a short clip to show you how my natural lashes appears and the comparison of Naked Lashes Vs Mascara-ed (with Lash Stiletto Voluptuous) here:



 Thats's all for now, do come back for more updated reviews, LOTDs, and more!



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